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15 Sneaky Ways to Cut Down Wedding Costs

From flower arrangements to bridal gowns, save your cash for other more important concerns.

1. Attend bridal fairs.

Bridal fairs are known for being events where wedding exhibitors give big promotions, discounts, or even freebies to prospective clients, making it a must-attend for engaged couples.

2. Get married on a weekday.

Some venues cost about 10 to 20% less on a weeknight versus a weekend event.

3. Wed out of season.

In the Philippines, the most common months to tie the knot are from May to June and December to February. If your date is flexible, scout for venues that offer lower rates during lean seasons.

4. Make your own invites.

If you know a thing or two about designing cards, why not sit down and create your own invitations?

5. Share the cost with another couple.

It’s not a common occurrence, but it can happen. You can ask your venue about the events planned before or after yours then talk to the other party to see which equipment you can share (such as the stage setup or the lights and sounds provider).

6. Borrow a car.

Say goodbye to high car rental charges by borrowing a friend’s vintage automobile for the day.

7. Scout for more affordable floral choices.

Choose roses and carnations that are available all year round and cost less than hard-to-find blooms. Better yet, go for faux blooms made out of cloth, felt, or crepe paper. These won’t wilt at all!

8. Place floral arrangements where they matter.

Create impressive flower decorations in areas easily seen by your guests, such as the main entrance and the buffet table. You can save up to 20% by not spreading out these arrangements throughout the venue.

9. Book a smaller team of photographers and videographers.

You don’t need a horde of people to capture all the moments of your special day. A small group, which equates to a smaller price, can produce the same results.

10. Check out ready-to-wear suits and gowns.

Some department stores now carry exquisite wedding gown designs that don’t cost an arm and a leg. As for men’s suits, you can buy them at high-end shops which offer alterations at a minimum cost.

11. Reduce the number of guests.

Instantly bring down your food and venue cost by trimming the number of guests invited to the reception party.

12. Choose a simpler cake.

You don’t have to spend too much on something that you would only eat a few bites of. Save money by going for a standard cake flavor (vanilla, butter, chocolate) and choosing buttercream over fondant frosting. You can also pay less by asking your cake designer to create a two-tiered cake with only a section of real cake in it.

13. Opt for buffet style service instead of a formal sit-down meal.

You save up to 30% on the cost, and give guests a chance to go back for seconds.

14. Offer a choice selection of drinks.

From sodas to juices to liquor, take a moment to select the refreshments that your guests would truly enjoy instead of opening a full bar. Cut your wine costs by preparing a few bottles of bubbly to be served to your immediate families and bridal entourage only.

15. Hire a DJ instead of a full band.

The instruments, equipment, and number of people in a band will definitely cost more than just one DJ who can spin the right music for the entire event.

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