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Top Farm & Barn Wedding Venues Near Metro Manila

Many couples choose rustic wedding themes since they create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Their wedding venues are either outdoor forest venues or indoor barn venues since they offer a cozy and romantic ambiance perfect for the celebration of love. If you’re looking for rustic venue inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Here are some top farm & barn wedding venues near Metro Manila.

1. The Mango Farm

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city without going too far. The Mango Farm offers solace with its expansive tree coverage and lush greenery. Experience a cool day and a chilly night while you dance your hearts out.

The Mango Farm is ideal for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. It has a glass pavilion and an expansive garden. Both are top-notch settings for your rustic wedding dreams.

The Mango Farm is at Kingsville Court Subdivision, 22 Shield, Cainta, 1900 Rizal.

The Mango Farm
Image courtesy of Before I do Bridal Series

2. The Forest Barn

The Forest Barn is another venue near the city. Its well-kept grounds and serene atmosphere make it an optimal place for life’s milestones. You can rest assured that both indoor and outdoor spaces are available to protect your event.

What makes it unique is its indoor space shaped like an actual barn. The barn’s bright red paint compliments the rich greens of the land around it.

Forest Barn is at Kaysuyo Road, Magallanes, Cavite.

Forest Barn
Image courtesy of Forest Barn.

3. One Mango Tree Events Place

The One Mango Tree Events Place is another idyllic venue right outside of Metro Manila. Its wide field is sprinkled with trees while its iconic mango tree stands tall at the center. An elegant pavilion within the property enhances the venue’s charming atmosphere.

One Mago Tree Events Place is at Pooc Silang, Cavite.

One Mango Tree
Image Courtesy of One Mango Tree.

4. Casa Editha

Our next venue is Casa Editha. Located in Bulacan, Casa Editha welcomes all in its serene environment and lush surroundings. It offers a magnificent view and a cool climate since it’s tucked near the Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

Casa Editha has three cabanas sized large to small that complement the landscape. The largest cabana has large wide windows to give it a more open feel. Some various native plants and trees dot the property.

Casa Editha is at KM 33 Quirino Highway, Barangay Santo Cristo, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines 3023.

Casa Editha Large Cabana
Image courtesy of Casa Editha.

5. The Greenery

Lastly, The Greenery in Bulacan can be a beautiful backdrop for your dream rustic wedding. It boasts a stunning red barn that exudes rustic charm, making it the perfect setting for a romantic and picturesque wedding. Imagine exchanging vows against the backdrop of this beautiful barn! The weathered red facade adds a touch of vintage elegance to your special day.

The Greenery is more than just its iconic red barn. It offers a range of amenities tailored for various occasions. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, this venue has versatile spaces that can accommodate different event sizes and themes.

The Greenery is at 80 Rio Vista Subdivision, Baliwag, 3006 Bulacan.

The Greenery Bulacan
Image Courtesy of The Greenery Bulacan.

Discovering the perfect farm or barn venue for your rustic wedding can set the stage for a truly magical celebration. We hope that this list helped you in your rustic venue hunting. Each venue offers a unique charm that complements your wedding style.

With this curated list of farm and barn venues, you’re one step closer to creating the rustic wedding of your dreams. Whether you envision a cozy barn ceremony or an outdoor farm reception, these venues provide the ideal backdrop for your special day.

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