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Wedding Trend: Food Stations

Worry no more about rumbling stomachs during your event because food stations got your back. A momentous and solemn event like weddings usually take longer hours to be finished, the dilemma of every couple is that the guests will feel hungry and disturbed brought about by lengthy hours of waiting.

Food stations, provide a quick fix for this problem, given the perks of variety of picks surely these stations will draw attention  of the guests. Furthermore, the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the set up invites the guests to roam around and delight their stomach.

Food stations can be a do it yourself, if you are an innovative and creative individual but on the other hand affordable catering services provide food stations upon request of the client. Before deciding to  put up a food station on the day of your event here are the details you should not miss:

Considerations for Food Stations

What are the best choices for Food Stations?

Here are some of the freshest wedding reception ideas you might consider courtesy of your trusted affordable catering services:

Bread and Soup Station

When cold strikes you know what to grab, reward yourself with heat that’s hard to beat. Check out how we introduce our flavors through simple delight made special for your event. Bread and soup is a perfect station for wedding in a fully air conditioned venue, give a warm welcome to your guests and fill their appetite with this perfect pair.

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Chicken Popper Station

Exceed your expectation with this chicken dish made to take savoring to the next level.  Absolutely the young ones and at hearts will favored this goody, pop their hunger with flavorsome chicken perfect for all season.

Churros Station

A Mexican cshurros bar with different chocolate sauces and toppings will definitely captivate your sweet side. This is a sure win for kids present on your event.

Juice Station

Sticking to the ordinary is boring that’s why we take the nature’s finest flavors to fill your glasses.  Treat your valued guests with a colorful session with these drinks.

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Nachos and Taco Station

A make your own Mexican tacos and nachos bar with different side dishes and components perfectly gratify your longing for crunch.

Grazing Station

An assortment of Cold Cuts, Cheese board, Dips, Spreads and specialty breads will absolutely excites curious taste buds.

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Portuguese Chicken Station

Taste the culture of herbs perfectly combined to create flavorful and tender chicken to spice up your celebration.

Pulled Beef Station

Taste a tender revolution of beef cooked with dedication infused with powerful sauces to show up the authentic zest.

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Quesadilla Station

Bite a dish of perfection when you stuff quesadilla with a blend of mouthwatering flavors of chopped meat and veggies.

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Paella Station

Add flavor to your event and treat your taste buds with nourishing and vibrant versions of our Paella that guarantee authenticity of Spanish style cooking.

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Crepe Station

Turn your crepe into a flavorful craft enhanced by syrups made healthier by fresh fruits.

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Engage your guests with an enticing surrounding courtesy of this new party favors.

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