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Weddings are unique and special. We want to help you achieve your dream wedding because weddings are our specialty. We can guide you through the entire planning process particularly the menu selections. Our team of experts can create a customize wedding menu entirely for you; it’ll exude of personality—your personality!

What Hizon’s catering packages include

Although Hizon’s is known for its food, it also takes responsibility for the service and design of the reception. A catering package includes the basics such as:

– Choice of menu including inclusive incidentals (ingress and egress)
– Newlywed table with elegant skirting following the motif
– Presidential table with elegant skirting following the motif
– Buffet table with elegant skirting following the motif
– Guest tables with floor-length embroidered mantel or lace runner
– Floral centerpiece for each guest table
– Complete use of silverware, flatware, and glassware
– Roll top chaffing dishes
– Uniformed waiters and food attendants
– Ice for drinks and purified drinking water
– Menu tags on each guest table

*Free upgrades are provided depending on the size/volume of your custom catering package.


Samples of Hizon’s catering main courses

We also offer additional amenities such as lechon, a three-layered fondant cake, mobile bar, dessert bar, salad bar, stations (carving, pasta, etc.), displays and sound system. Notably, Hizon’s Catering is mostly known for its carving station, and US roast beef is one of its best-sellers.

Further, the catering company consistently creates new dishes, revising its standard wedding menu every six months. But, if you’ve tasted one of our in-house specialties and want to incorporate such into your own wedding menu, we can ask our chefs to recreate them for your wedding.

If you have a dish in mind but is beyond the scope of our menu package, our team of R&D chefs can create the menu that you want. That’s how we create dishes that are memorable for you and your guests.

hizon's wedding catering package menu 1

Banana Leaf Wrapped Fish Fillet with Spiced Sweet Soy Sauce

hizon's wedding catering package menu 2

Beef Cheek and Crispy Tripe Kare-Kare

hizon's wedding catering package menu 3

Chicken Pastel

hizon's wedding catering package menu 4

Cornflake-Crusted Chicken with Chorizo White Gravy

hizon's wedding catering package menu 5

Oriental Pork Barbecue with Carrot and Bean Relish

hizon's wedding catering package menu 6

Rosemary Roasted Chicken

hizon's wedding catering package menu 7

48-Hour Roasted Beef

hizon's wedding catering package menu 8

Beef Salpicao with Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables

You can get the best value with a catering package that is tailor fit to your unique needs. Share with us a few details about your wedding so we can customize a package specifically for you.