Let us help you plan, conceptualize and execute your event safely and worry-free!

Hizon’s Catering is a trusted ally in conceptualizing, planning and making your dream event happen. Whether you choose to celebrate in an intimate or grand way we will achieve success hand in hand. Find out more about how we can help you with your upcoming event.

Open Venues

Restrictions brought about by the pandemic has prompted changes in most event venues in and around Metro Manila. We are constantly working with our partner venues to provide ideal event locations to our clients. Allow us to assist you in finding the venue that perfectly matches your needs amidst these changes.

Find your perfect venue in the new normal

Online Food Shop

Hizon’s Food Shop gets you closer to a successful celebration by bringing you our best-selling dishes right to your doorstep. Set your tables ready for a feast and have it enriched by undeniably good food.

Looking for the perfect venue?

With more than 300 venues to choose from where Hizon’s Catering is accredited in, we are confident you will find the one that matches your needs.

Food and Beverage Service Management

With the perfect combination of culinary knowledge, expertise in hospitality and business acumen, we will conceptualize, open and manage any food and beverage service operation you envision. We can take over an existing food service operation to increase its service quality and efficiency, or conceptualize, open, and manage a new food service operation that our partner envisions.

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