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Five Remarkable Wedding Venues and Churches in Intramuros

There are a lot of verbose words to expound Intramuros, it is an incredible and exceptional place where your event is a celebration in collaboration with history, just right for a Filipiñana themed wedding.

A walled structure covered with sentimental stories defines Intramuros. Four centuries ago this city served as the center for Spanish occupation, the walls of Intramorus were meant to protect people from the foreign invasion. To sum up, this place holds bittersweet memories of the past that turns the place into a  gateway to history in present times.

Crawling upon this historical space, it uncovers a lot of sentimental landmarks that can perfectly cater to your dream wedding, bginning from the churches that initiate nostalgic stories heading to event venues that tolerate walkthrough in the past.

Here is a list of the five remarkable wedding reception venues together with its nearby wedding churches in proximate of the walled city:

Puerta Real Garden

Puerta Real Garden in an affordable garden wedding venue in Manila that is remarkable for its spacious area good for events with a large number of invites. In addition, this garden wedding venue is characterized by its abundant greens and proportioned natural features.

San Agustin Church 

Puerta Real Garden is just a few meters away from San Agustin Church, this church was also remarkable for this was the only structure that survived the guns and attacks during World War II. The enormous facade of the building covers-up a fancy interior that exhibits culturally and historically inclined merit.

Father Blanco’s Garden

Feel the joy and peace in this wedding reception venue, the calm vibes provokes couples to flaunt their passionate side on photos. Be one with Father Blanco‘s remarkable architecture and make slaying a staple action on every picture.

Manila Cathedral

One of the sought after wedding church, built is 1571 this wedding church already went through several renovations due to massive devastation caused by earthquakes, fires, and typhoon. Despite these turning points, Manila Cathedral remains to be a sanctuary that molds spiritual beings and a place where fastens history.

Baluarte de San Diego Gardens

Lodging guests with a garden full of historical flashbacks, Baluarte de San Diego was built out of a circular tower that was originally constructed to safeguard Filipinos during the war. This event venue is excellent for Filipiñana themed wedding considering the thematic walls for the backdrop and perfect lighting to bump off a perfect shot that can be used for your prenuptial or postnuptial shoot. This wedding venue is also just a few meters away from San Agustin Church.

La Castellana

Molding celebrations under the influence of Spanish interiors makes La Castellana a remarkable event place. La Castellana takes pride in being a  true home for a Filipiñana inspired wedding made possible by architectural designs. This event place also promises to flaunt their best services and skills to give their valued clients the most promising event.

La Castellana is privileged to be situated near several wedding churches, such as Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church, Binondo Church, and Ermita Church for clients who preferred to hold their wedding ceremony on nearby churches.

Plaza Moriones

An open garden in the vicinity of Intramuros Manila that invites couples who wish to hold an outdoor wedding and reception at the same time. The wide space of these outdoor wedding reception venues takes advantage of the fresh air and countless greens present in the place.

To couples who wish to have their ceremony in a view where the surrounding tells a story itself, Plaza Moriones is a great choice. It is convenient, rustic and historic, three considerable characteristics to look into.

A dream wedding in the grounds of Intramuros can follow several themes that are just spontaneous to the place. It can be of a Filipiñana themed wedding or it can be a wedding that celebrates the great outdoors.

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