The Importance of Food Tastings

For today’s engaged couples, it shouldn’t be a toss between whether to attend or not to attend a food tasting. On any wedding, food consumes the biggest expense, so attending a food tasting is an absolute must. No food catering services Quezon City or elsewhere for that matter cannot be emphasized enough that no engaged couple must ignore or deliberately skip a food tasting.

Aside from being an inherent component of what you will be paying for, there are other things that a food tasting alone can reveal about whether the actual wedding day will be a success or not, catering-wise.

1) Food tastings allow you to – what else – taste the food!

Some couples would say that, ‘Oh, the food looks awesome on the photos. It’ll surely taste fine!’ In most cases, okay is not acceptable; it should be great. It is your wedding after all.

For one, you will be able to sample the dishes from the hors d’oeuvres to desserts which will be specifically prepared for your wedding. In some instances, the caterer of your choice will let you meet the chef behind the dishes. He or she will have a better idea of your taste preferences such as whether the main course is too bland, too salty, or too sauce-y for you.

While at it, you must tell the caterer or the chef the truth. Food tastings are the perfect venue to express how you are feeling and air concerns about the food including dietary specifications for the folks, children, and vegetarians, for example. The catering provider would love to hear feedback beforehand so that they can make adjustments rather than hearing complaints on the wedding day itself.

Adjustments are necessary especially if you know who among your guests are allergic to what and which ingredient. The chef may also recommend specific dishes more so if you have a particular food theme in mind. Chefs are more than willing to share what they know and contribute to the success of your wedding like every should be. As such, food tastings often lead to creating the final menu.

It is not just about the different dishes on the table, but the quality of such and of every ingredient that goes into the dish. Salads must be fresh. Vegetables should not be soggy and brightly colored. Baked breads should be soft and chewy. Cheeses must be moist. In particular, how well-prepared the dishes served during the food tasting is an indicator of the caterer’s attention to detail or lack thereof. Not to mention, caterers have very different interpretations of various cuisines.

2) Food tastings allow you to better understand the catering package of your choice.

Wedding caterers can only do so much to customize your menu. Nevertheless, if you opt to choose from the packages, these are already inclusive of standard menu and amenities. Caterers themselves want clients to choose a package first before the food tasting and booking, so there will be no need to prepare foods that the client will not sample.

The standard menu is 2-4 appetizers, 1-2 salads, 1-2 pork or beef dishes, 1 chicken dish, 1 veggie dish and 1-2 desserts–although these may vary depending on the provider. There are caterers who serve only the planned menu based on the pre-chosen package.

Furthermore, food tastings give you a real feel of what’s to expect on your wedding day including how the buffet table and individual tables will be set up. You’d also know how the food will be presented to you and the guests from skirting to centerpieces to dinnerware, flatware, and glassware.

Eventually, you may decide whether to pursue your chosen package initially or replace an inclusion or two from another package. This is how caterers customize a wedding package to suit the needs and preferences of the clients. Through this, the package will include only those that the to-be-weds will like to see and eat on their wedding day.

3) Food tastings allow you to see everything else other than the food.

Caterers must provide excellent services at all times. You’d see the consistency and professionalism in the staff’s level of service provision. You can point this out to your caterer during the tasting so you will get the kind of service that your wedding and guests deserve.

Take notice of the staffs’ attentiveness. If it is a buffet tasting–which is common nowadays–observe how and how often the staff replenishes the food. You may also easily observe how the wait staff handles the requests of the attendees of the tasting event. How they are at the food tasting will be how they will be on your actual wedding day.

Other important reminders

Bear in mind that not all catering services in Quezon City, Manila, or Pasig provide food tasting. Some offer group food tasting so many future clients get to experience their flavor and style. Some servs a du jour style food tasting especially those caterers that also operate their own restaurant. In the food industry, du jour means made specifically for that day.

Some caterers even ask for a food tasting fee and additional fee if you bring more than the allowed number of participants (typically 3-4 persons) and based on your own culinary choices. Food tastings are both expensive and labor intensive, and some couples are just shopping around to find the catering provider with the best fit.

Whatever it may be, food tastings should be scheduled ahead of time because the catering kitchen personnel may not be able to readily prepare the samples for you and your companion then and there. Plan ahead and align and confirm your schedule with the caterer of your choice. Food tastings normally last for an hour or two.

Requests that are beyond the standard provisions may incur additional charges. Additional costs may be paid at a later date (usually included in the final billing). That’s why it is crucial that you understand the inclusions of the chosen package especially if you have already signed the contract before the food tasting.

Think of a food tasting as a dress rehearsal, a walk-through on what to expect during your big day. It is a first glimpse of what such special day will look like, well at least, when it comes to the food. Remember that your guests will forget your wedding date, your wedding gown, your bridal party, etc., but they will always remember the food and how the food made them feel during that day. So, make sure that this one counts.

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