Wedding Trends for 2017

Wear pink.

White is always the obvious choice for wedding gowns, but the Summer 2017 bridal runways were overrun by another dominant color: pink. The most feminine of colors, you can choose to wear pink in its different shades, like in almost white and pink blush, to screaming hot pink. If you don’t want to go against the white tradition, think about mixing pink into your color theme with something more neutral or earth-toned.

Add more drama to your veils and trains.

Long, intricate veils and trains are making a stellar comeback, and it definitely adds flair to any wedding gown. To make it more comfortable for you to move around during the reception, make sure that your train is detachable, or not so heavy that you’ll be literally weighed down while walking.

Wear a cape.

A long, heavy cape isn’t practical in our tropical weather. So if you do choose to go with this trend, think of going for a caplet, or one that is made of light and breathable fabric. Your cape will be a lifesaver if your reception gets to be a little chilly.

Become boho.

Whether it’s influenced by Coachella or by the ongoing rustic décor we’ve been seeing these few years, going boho is something that some brides would like to do because of its relaxed, flowy vibe, which will hopefully translate into the whole feel of their wedding.

Be one with nature.

The rustic trend is still going strong, so you’ll still be seeing a lot of themes that revolve around lush greens, browns, chalkboards, mason jars and burlap. If you’re looking into glamming it up, gold is also an emerging trend for 2017, so feel free to mix some gold elements (like gold branches, gold flatware) into the rustic-ness of your theme.

Go back in time by going vintage.

For couples that like a more classic theme, going vintage is usually their choice. Think of the roaring, “The Great Gatsby” 20s or old Hollywood glamour of the 50s as jumping off points. If you wish to add a more nostalgic feel to your wedding, go vintage by pouring over your own parents’ wedding. Check out what elements you can get from their wedding that you can repeat in yours. You can even make it into a new tradition!

Choose teal and lemon.

The colors that are emerging as the most used upcoming weddings are teal and lemon. These colors are bright, cheery, and something that is best used if you’re having a summer wedding. Yellow might come off as informal when used as the dominant color, so you’re better off using teal as your dominant color, with just hints of yellow.

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