Marriage and Celebration: Wedding Songs to Remember

Planning for your dream wedding ceremony can be both exciting and exhilarating, but at the end of the day, we all know that is fulfilling. From the wedding theme down to the songs, you certainly want it to be personal and close to your heart. Speaking of wedding songs, have you thought about the music that will play while you or your partner walks down the aisle or maybe the one to serenade the people during the reception?To get all those wedding ideas flowing, we collected some of the best wedding songs and music most of us dream of regaling our weddings:

To get all those wedding ideas flowing, we collected some of the best wedding songs and music most of us dream of regaling our weddings:


Jason Mraz Beautiful MessA Beautiful Mess (2005)

Composer: Jason Mraz, Mai Bloomfield

Performer: Jason Mraz

“And through timeless words and priceless pictures

We’ll fly like birds not of this birds”


If you fell in love and enjoyed the song “I’m Yours,” you will also enjoy this track. The song is typically stating how magically jumbled one’s character is as well as the relationship he or she has with other people. It’s not the mess that is dirty but pertaining to its uniqueness and being unusual.


Back at One (1999)

Composer and Performer: Brian McKnight

“You came and breathed new life

Into this lonely heart of mine”


One of the “old” kilig songs is Back at One. This Brian McKnight hit is professing the reasons why the person is very much relevant to his or her better half. There are five reasons, and if you ever believe that the work is done, your partner will start back at one to tell you again and again.


Better Together (2007)

Composer and Performer: Jack Johnson

“I believe in memories

They look so, so pretty when I sleep

Hey now, and when I wake up

You look so pretty sleeping next to me”


I bet everyone will agree that everything you do and everywhere you go is better when you are together with your beloved. From the simplest things you do together and think of as one, it will always be better with someone that you love.


Canon in D (1680s)

Composer & Performer: Johann Pachelbel


Canon in D is one of the most known classical music of all times. It has become a favorite in weddings for the melody of the composition is perfect to calm and soothe everybody’s heart and condition the minds’ of people for some reason. There has nothing much to explain why this song is a good pick for a wedding. Check it out for yourself.


Everything (2007)

Composer: Michael Bublé, Alan Chang, Amy Foster

Performer: Michael Bublé

“And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times

It’s you, it’s you, you make me sing

You’re every line, you’re every word, you’re everything”


This song is one’s hymn for being so in love and dedicated to his or her partner. Indeed, when we are in love, everything seems to be falling in its rightful places. Things might get hard but someone, your star, and inspiration, is right there to make you feel that everything will be okay and will make perfect sense.


Ever After

Composer and Performer: Bonnie Bailey

“Flawless to the point of being godly

Yet I fell hard for your imperfections”


Do you ever believe, feel and think that every challenge is bearable as long as your partner is there with you, getting it through with you? This song tells us how their love started, how they adored each other and managed to stay strong throughout the times. Indeed, life is a pleasure with our beloved’s presence. Life may throw sticks and stones, get us weak but there is nothing in this river we can’t ride.


Feel Again (2013)

Composer: Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzie, Noel Zancanella, Drew Brown

Performer: OneRepublic

“I’m feeling better ever since you know me

I was a lonely soul but that’s the old me”


Have you been hurt countless of times already to the point that you don’t want to believe and feel again? But then, someone made his or her presence felt and made you realize that it is worth it to try again. You might have felt numb for all the hurt you’ve gone through, but with that person, you suddenly feel again and want to try again. Is this your song?


Got to Believe in Magic (2004)

Composer and Performer: David Pomeranz

“Tell me how two people find each other

In a world that’s full of strangers”


There are a lot of questions on our heads that seem to be unexplainable like why, in all people, you get to meet and fall in love with your partner? How many are we in this world yet you choose to risk and love someone that is once a stranger to you? Is falling in love is simply a magic? Play this song if you want to wonder more about life and the love you want each other to feel.


Here Comes The Sun

Composer and Performer: The Beatles

“Here comes the sun, here comes the sun

And I say it’s all right”


Here Comes The Sun of The Beatles is not really a song that you would often hear in a wedding ceremony. What makes it a good fit for such celebration is the happy vibes it gives of. We can romanticize the lyrics and interpret the song in whatever way we want but to make it simple. This song can make you and your heart flutter in a right way.


I Choose You (2013)

Composer: Sara Bareilles, Pete Harper, J. Blynn, Jason Blynn

Performer: Sara Bareilles

“Tell the world that we finally got it all right

I choose you”


A simple and short song that probably tells most of the sentiment we have about our love for our dearest persons. There is something powerful and magical that we can just make it through in life without the things we need, as long as the person we love there to be with us and guide us. When you finally got it right, there is something that makes you believe and live again.


I Do (Cherish You) (1998)

Composer: Dan Hill, Keith Stegall

Performer: 98 Degrees

“Didn’t know where I was going

‘Til the day I found you”


You may have felt lost and miserable in life, but then you met someone that changed your perspective on life. Your life didn’t change like magic, but you know that finally, there is something worth staying for. If your partner ever asked you if you love him or her so much, you just got to say “I do.”


I Do (2011)

Composer: Colbie Caillat, Toby Gad

Performer: Colbie Caillat

“I was happy saying I had a love that wouldn’t last

That was the only way I knew ’til I met you”


Have you been bitter with love before saying that nothing’s going to last forever? Are you a member of the group that says “Magbe-break din kayo!” (You will eventually split up!)? Then someone comes and sweep you off of your feet. Ha! All the doubts and fears you have become bubbles and popped out in the open. You may be afraid before but someone just made you say “I do” and you want to start a family with him or her.


If We Fall In Love (2007)

Composer: Yeng Constantino

Performer: Yeng Constantino and RJ Jimenez

“Your hands will never feel so cold and empty again

Cause I will keep on holding on and won’t let go”


The song is not really your usual wedding music but If We Fall In Love can make you reminisce how it was before the two of you became a couple. You always want to tell to that person how much you love him or her and how it will be better if the two of you will just end up together. Why not, right? Maybe you can write a better song than this.


Ikaw (2014)

Composer and Performer: Yeng Constantino

“Ikaw ang pag-ibig na hinintay

Puso ay nalumbay nang kay tagal

Ngunit ngayo’y nandito na, ikaw”


From the hit composer, Yeng Constantino is another heartfelt song Ikaw. Yeng has been engaged and eventually married when she wrote and released this song. Yeng shared in one interview that it took them a lot of takes recording the music video. She just can’t help but cry out of pure happiness whenever she starts singing in front of the love of her life (her man is in the music video).


I Love You Always Forever (1996)

Composer and Performer: Donna Lewis

“I love you always forever

Near and far, closer together

Everywhere I will be with you

Everything I will do for you”


A song that can pump up everybody’s energy and mood, and delight people’s feeling is Donna Lewis’ I Love You Always Forever. The lyrics might appear to be plain for others but it is direct in stating its point of loving someone eternally through whatever life is throwing.


Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko (1994)

Composer: Rey Valera

Performer: Sharon Cuneta

“Ako pa kaya’y iibigin mo

Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko”


A few artists have revived this classic Rey Valera composition already. Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko posts a question to the couple that will things be the same sweet and fun even if they are already old? It is a looking-forward song that the two will live the rest of their lives together.


On This Day (2001)

Composer and Performer: David Pomeranz

“Here we stand today

Like we always dreamed

Starting out our lives together”


David Pomeranz knows what we need for a good and reminiscing wedding. This song is clearly about one’s most awaited wedding ceremony. On that special day, we promise forever to each other as well as we promise to honor every word we utter.


Runaway (1995)

Composer: Andrea Corr, Sharon Corr, Caroline Corr, Jim Corr

Performer: The Corrs

“Say it’s true, there’s nothing like me and you

I’m not alone, tell me you feel it too”


Runaway is the song we usually hear when someone is proposing. Nevertheless, the thought of living life freely and happily with the person we love is perfect for a wedding as well. Will you finally say that you want to run away with someone special?


Sweet Disposition (2008)

Composer: Dougy Mandagi, Lorenz Sillitto

Performer: The Temper Trap

“So stay there

‘Cause I’ll be coming over”


Sweet Disposition got the perfect melody and rhythm that makes you say “I am ready for this.” The lyrics are repetitive and simple, but there’s just something about this song that makes you feel good and you are in a sweet disposition.


Sky Full of Stars (2014)

Composer: Chris Martin, Avicii, Guy Berryman, Will Champio, Johnny Buckland

Performer: Coldplay

“’Cause in a sky full of stars I think I saw you”


Why do you think we compare our beloved with everything that shines ever brightly? Whatever the reason is, this song will probably leave you in tears if you get to remember everything the two of you went through and you are here together, promising forever.


Your Song (2004)

Composer: Gabriel Ignatius “Gab” Juan Chee Kee

Performer: Parokya ni Edgar

“It took one look

Then forever laid out in front of me”


Your Song is one of the tracks that get the emo vibes in our generation. Who would have thought it would be great to include this in a wedding? If we are talking about the kilig, sweetness, and boldness, Your Song, also known as One and Only, is is your song.


So those are our top wedding songs that you may want to consider being played or sang on your big day. Just remember that songs should amplify emotions, maybe give you some flashbacks or make you feel good not only for your wedding but also in the next chapter you are going to enter next. Indeed, music comes in where we just can’t put into words what we feel.

These suggested wedding songs might be unfamiliar or like a broken record to you already. Nevertheless, we hope that this short blog helped you find some of your wedding songs. If you are still in a dilemma, no worries! You will have that gut feeling that this song is the perfect fit for you, just like your partner.


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