Wedding Ideas: The Proposal

You know, it all starts with the proposal.

If you are thinking about your dream wedding ceremony, the songs and guests to accompany you in this most awaited day, it got to be with your perfect pair. The preparations and planning start when your partner finally said, “Yes” to your proposal. Some may be more excited and ready for the wedding proper, but you also got to think about with the proposal!

This write up is part of the wedding ideas for an apparent reason. No need to complicate things and let us start reading through and getting some inspirations in these wedding proposal ideas:


Putting the ring on the drink

You have probably seen this wedding proposal gimmick a couple or hundred of times in movies already. This is where the couple is enjoying their usual restaurant drinks or maybe chilling and drinking at home. I don’t know where this started or if this is 100% successful – successful in a sense that the receiver of the proposal doesn’t get to engulf the ring.

Pros: Very classic. Cliché but you will still probably get the heart of your beloved.

Cons: Just be careful, or your partner may not notice the ring on the drink. Swear.

Suggestion: If you are aiming for a surprise, don’t have the drink on a transparent glass. This is serious if you want your partner to notice the ring when he or she just took a sip on his or her drink. This might sound funny but who knows, this might work. No worries since if your partner doesn’t have any idea that you are already proposing, you can have your drink on a transparent glass. Seeing a ring on a drink is already a surprise. Hooray!


Or have it in the food (i.e. cupcake!)

Another one of the top classics! Can we know where putting the ring on food or drink started? Anyway, this may seem to be an easy task on the first look. But if you are going to look at it carefully, this takes hard work and careful planning.

Why? Let’s see.

If you love watching movies and encounter this type of proposal, you usually see the ring on a cake or simply a cupcake. It’s actually hard to do! Baking is not easy. Second, you need to consider the composition of the ring if it’s fine to be stuffed in a cake and be baked. If not on the cake, who will put the ring on rice or adobo (or any viand)?

Pros: It’s quite hard to think about it, but yes, it is astonishing.

Cons: Your partner may not notice the ring, as usual. Also, the ring might get deformed or broken, depending on its material. Chewing a ring is not good for your teeth. It hurts so badly.

Suggestion: Of course, do not bake the cake or cupcake with the ring. Please, don’t risk your hard-earned ring, the symbol of your love and commitment. Gently place it on top, so it will easily be seen but not too obvious. If you are pushing through with it with a cupcake, you can put the ring on the bottom part. Again, be careful with this plan especially if you know your partner will probably eat food in one big bite.


Proposal by the beach, sunrise or sunset (or anything that is picturesque)

If you are trying to do something that is serene, a proposal by the beach or anywhere that is breathtaking is your go-to. If the gimmicks mentioned above are usually seen in movies, this one is on social media. This is where the couple went on hiking or a simple beach getaway. Erwan Heussaff, entrepreneur, and model, proposed to Anne Curtis, artist, host and model when they were exploring the woods in the US.

How sweet and perfect can this be? Your beloved complemented with the beauty of nature. Heart melting, indeed!

Pros: Perfect background plus the perfect person in your life.

Cons: Be careful with your materials in your proposal. The ring or whatever you will be giving your partner might get lost along the way.

Suggestion: Nothing much. Just go on with your little speech or directly ask the question. Don’t let the sunrise or sunset moment pass by.


Tying the shoelace

“Teka, tali ko lang sapatos ko” (Wait, I just need to tie my shoelace) and then your partner kneels down. Suprise!


But please don’t get paranoid whenever your partner kneels down to tie his or her shoelace or get something on the floor. But yes, this is another sweet and straightforward gesture of proposing. You may think this is just another typical day until your partner pops out the question. No need for further explanation as this style is very much easy to understand.

Pros: Easy to do, no hassle and cost efficient.

Cons: If your acting skills are not on point or you probably get too nervous easily, you may want to think of other ways to calm yourself down first. Don’t get too excited and relax.

Suggestions: Make it simple by acting natural. Release the artist in you! Don’t let your plan be exposed. This gimmick can be done wherever but I suggest you do this in a place that is unique and memorable to the both of you.


Inviting the fambam

Reading through some posts on Facebook made me wonder that couples value the presence of their relatives in their relationship especially in something as memorable as a proposal. Even before getting the limelight in social media, it is not new to hear that an individual is proposing in front of their loved ones. This can be done on their usual dinner date or occasion with the family or a simple surprise in one’s home or room.

Pros: It is letting you and your partner’s loved ones involved in this momentous event.

Cons: Realistically speaking, not all proposals are successful. Imagine the pressure on your partner if you will put him or her on this spot where everybody’s eyes are on him or her. And that everybody is your family and relatives!

Suggestion: Get the pulse of your partner regarding this idea. Others want privacy in their relationship and of course, you would not want to announce your wedding plan prematurely.


Grand speech on public

This gimmick can be combined with the others – tying the shoelace and then when your partner pulls out the ring, he or she starts with the grand speech. This will probably leave the person receiving the proposal in shock, tears, desperation or frustration.


Pros: You are declaring your love to your partner to the whole world. Some think that this is sweet.

Cons: Going against my point in pros, this is another pressure test to your partner. You don’t need too many people to know that you are getting married with the love of your life. Again, not all proposals will get the sweet yes. This experience can also wreck your heart and future, and I am not kidding.

Suggestion: Are you ready for this? Think again.


Flash mob style

Flash mob type of proposal is usually done by the unexpected simultaneous or well-coordinated dance of the crowd. Flash mobs are often used in different campaigns and advertisements of companies, organizations, and advocacies. This gimmick is probably the most winning proposal to everyone, but this requires a lot of effort and time.

Pros: Enjoyable to watch and to be part of! This will hopefully amaze your partner.

Cons: You need other people to make this a success. Contacting with your friends or colleagues might be easy, but you need to consider if you have enough time to prepare for this grand wedding proposal.

Suggestion: If you are quite running out of time to rehearse, make your dance steps or moves simple yet catchy. Don’t forget that timing is everything.


Getting you through a prank

Can you imagine your partner irritating you at first then suddenly proposing to you? This will leave you puzzled and confused if your partner is already serious and enough with the prank.

Pros: Entertaining and witty!

Cons: This proposal gimmick can be irritating and very confusing. You need to be extra smart with your plan.

Suggestion: You know your partner well. If you think he or she is fond of this or cool with pranks, this might be your ideal wedding proposal.





Proposal and instant wedding

I remember sleeping late because of watching people proposing to their beloved and suddenly they are into a wedding! Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi is just one of the couples who managed to get through with this instant wedding after a successful proposal.

Pros: Are we talking about sweetness and surprise? Dear, this one got ‘em.

Cons: Your partner is not ready for all the things suddenly happening.

Suggestions: Coordinate well with the persons you think that should be present in your wedding. Most probably, you and your partner had talked this out. You also need to be prepared with whatever the result of your proposal.


Do you know how to make your wedding proposal the ideal one? Simple. Just be honest and put your heart out. Of course, the gimmicks presented above will make it, hopefully, special. But your love and honesty will surely make everything magical.


Good luck with your proposal!


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