Challenges Each Couple Encountered

happy couple bikingDon’t you feel nostalgic every time you look at your better half? Before you even plan on which church should you choose, wedding catering packages you will avail, or the songs you will be playing during your ceremony, it was just you and your partner dreaming and starting to get to know each other. But of course, we know that your relationship isn’t just about the wedding!

I bet we can agree that any relationship as life in general, is not a bed of roses. Despite the purest love and affection we feel towards our beloved people, there will come the point where we will be hurt and hurt others. And your partner is never an exception.

So before you continue reminiscing about all your expenses and planning you made for your wedding (especially the fantastic wedding catering packages!), let’s have a small chit chat about the challenges every couple face:

Too shy to open up

Belonging to the awkward stage of most, if not all relationships are that you or maybe the both of you are too shy to open up. You just don’t know why! Even if you are best of friends before your romantic relationship, so you probably know everything, there are times where you just don’t know how to open up. Weird, isn’t it? It could be that other couples don’t want to ruin their “perfect” (as if there is) relationship that if your partner knows this particular information about you, he or she will probably be turned off. Hmmm.

Too blunt, too open

On the other hand, there are times that you just talk or share way too much. I am not quite sure if we can tag it as too much, but maybe it is when even you think that those are irrelevant information already. This point can also be about being too tactless with your words and actions. Being comfortable with your partner is great, but we all know what our limits are, right?

Different tastes and interests

Having different tastes and interests is not a problem but a challenge, and that is fine. We love challenges! Imagine you are very outgoing and outspoken while your partner is more of the shy type. You like parties, and he or she prefers intimate gatherings. There maybe some times where you are dying to influence your beloved to like what you like, and vice versa. But hey, it’s fun to know other things than what you are used to and be exposed to different things. This leads us to our next point:


Given that not every time the universe will conspire to give everything you wished for, you need to adjust and compromise. There are small things that you can easily compromise, and so there are big matters as well. Simple things can be about what food to eat, where to go for your next vacation, what movie to watch, and so on. What about deciding where to reside for the rest of your lives and planning on how many kids should you have?

Messed up schedules

Fresh couples or not, for sure messed up plans are not new to you. You can’t figure out how and when to have a decent date with your better half if your work is more demanding than him or her. It could be that you made prior commitments to other people or groups, families or relatives, et cetera. No pressure, you’ve been here a couple of times already so it’s either you will make time, compromise or reschedule.

Promises and plans made to and with each other

More than being a challenge, receiving and making plans and promises are frustrating especially when they are not fulfilled. Probably all of us hate the feeling of disappointment and failed expectations. As much as you want to make plans and give the best promises to your partner, you know how much it hurts and how great it is as a setback. Sometimes, these things become an issue of trust and responsibility.

Health and well-being

Your physical, mental, emotional and holistic wellness is very much important for any individual and couples. It is indeed challenging if health is the concern that you are facing. At the end of the day, it will be both a personal work and couple duty to monitor each health and wellness.

Long distance relationship

Be it just for a couple of days, weeks, or number of years, having and maintaining a long distance relationship is not an easy task. Long distance relationship or LDR is commonly acknowledged as the couples residing apart in different countries. LDR is not just the “international” type but can also be local. An example would be you living in Metro Manila while your partner is in Cebu. “Local LDR” is somewhat easier since you are in the same country – you kind of know what’s happening and it’s more convenient to travel if pursued.

“International LDR” is harder precisely because of greater distance and time difference. There are only a few countries which we share the same time zone so imagine the adjustment and compromise these couples in LDR would have to do to. Any LDR is hard, but we all know that every hardship is worth it.

Other dudes and gals

I guess we don’t need too much explanation in this part. We can agree how irritating, frustrating and be challenging the others are in our relationship with our better half. For sure you have heard the excuse or explanation that “he/ she is just a friend” or “what we talked about is nothing personal.” Yes, yes, yes. As much as you want to believe your partner, there is a voice telling you to keep an eye on that other person.

This is one of the most frequent reasons of misunderstandings in couples. Your partner probably understands and feels that you are just jealous or protective, but you also need to know if you are overreacting already. No matter how much you brag the “I trust you, but not that person” line, it won’t save your argument and your relationship all the time.

Poor Communication

One of the big things we all have been through is having poor communication. It can be literally about the connection or media the two of you use in connecting with each other. Moreover, it can also be the quality of your talks and discussions. It is indeed true that quality is over quantity.

Pressure to get married

This is common to those who have been in a relationship for a couple of years already. You often encounter your friends and relatives asking you when are you going to tie the knot. Yes, you are hopeful as ever to be married to the love of your life. However people bugging you all the time is not fun, it may come to the point where you will be irritated and even be pressured.

Sometimes you just laugh their queries off, but you know that at the back of your mind, there is a slight pressure about getting married and starting a family. Never mind, right? Your time will come!

Financial problems

Money matters – as simple as that. Others will hold on to their belief that “love will keep us alive.” While it is true that your passionate and pure love for each other will motivate, inspire and empower you to continue with your life, you still need money to pay your bills, buy food and supplies. Even if you are not living together yet, you may have issues with the budget for your dates, vacations, and whatnot.

Wedding preparations

We know that things are not going to be easy when you finally decided to tie the knot. Stress will be your best friend or your neighbor gave that you and your partner have different interests, limited budget, and considering other factors as well. More than that, there is that the wedding dilemma stage that they call it. For the time you have been with your fiancé you thought and felt that everything is well and right. But when the wedding day is just around the corner, other couples kind of feel that they are not ready yet or his or her partner is not the one.

Have you gone through this stage? How were you able to get through it? Do you think that it is just a temporary or fleeting emotion or is it valid? Nevertheless, I bet we can agree that preparing for the big day is not a walk in the park. It could be but in the Jurassic Park.


sunset picture of coupleIt is either you laughed out loud or rolled your eyes will reading this article while remembering everything you or your partner committed! Did we get you saying, “Oo, ganiyan siya!” or “Kami ‘yan noon”? Alas! For sure there a lot of things that flashed back in your memories.

So before you get mad again over small things you or your partner did, you might want to look back on how wonderful your wedding is, venue, catering, people – everything. Then also take a few moments to remember that you have gone so far with your partner, growing and learning through all the challenges you faced together.

Cheers to more challenges together!

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