Ultimate Guide to Weddings in the Philippines 

Weddings in the Philippines have always been considered a grand celebration for many Filipinos. 


Family, friends, and relatives all come together to witness the union of two families. As an elaborate event, it is inevitable that a lot of decision-making goes into planning a wedding. After you say “yes” to getting married and before you can say “I do,” the bride and groom-to-be in the Philippines need to go through the various wedding planning stages. While weddings are ubiquitous events wherever you may be in the world, planning a wedding in the Philippines may be quite different than what we see portrayed in western television—not only because of the stark disparity of Filipino and Western culture but also because of the various traditions and processes that come with Philippine weddings. 


Traditional Filipino weddings require you to come up with a list of ninongs and ninangs to stand as wedding sponsors. You also need to obtain the necessary documents and requirements to ensure that you can push through with your wedding. With a lot to consider, it bears no question that weddings require meticulous planning. The list below features everything you need to know about planning a wedding so that you can create a memorable big day that you and your husband-to-be will never forget. 


a.) Set a realistic budget 


While there are some brides and grooms that dream of an elaborate event, there will be many of them who will be constrained to the budget, they said. That said, you should never proceed to plan a wedding without discussing with your partner just how much you want to spend for your celebration. As a practical couple, set a realistic budget that would not break the bank and still allow you to enjoy the wedding of your dreams. 


b.) Hire a wedding planner/coordinator 

To be able to enjoy your wedding day fully, it is best if you leave all the planning logistics to a wedding planner. That said, a good and effective wedding planner will truly be a blessing, depending on the kind of wedding you are planning. Be sure to read the reviews before deciding on one. Also, it is recommended to have an idea of what wedding planner services you need in order to select the best fit. 


c.) Wedding Requirements 


Wherever you may choose to solemnize your marriage—whether that may be in a church, a garden, or even in a civil ceremony, you and your partner will need to secure the necessary papers to have a wedding that is legally binding. For all the weddings celebrated and solemnized in the Philippines, a valid marriage license is required. 


d.) Wedding ceremony and reception venues 

During the initial stages of wedding planning, you and your partner need to decide on where you wish to have your wedding ceremony and your reception. In fact, you need to book your wedding ceremony venue and reception venue first before booking any other vendor. Choose venues that you and your partner both love, but make sure that both would fall within your budget. Catholic weddings need to be celebrated in a church, so you need to a separate venue. Civil ceremonies and Christian weddings can be celebrated in the same venue where you will be having your reception. Be sure to choose a place that can accommodate all the guests you want to be present on your big day. 


e.) Styling and floral arrangements 

Celebrating your big day would be incomplete without flowers to bedeck your wedding ceremony and reception venue. With that in mind, you and your partner need to think of a theme that resonates with both of you and incorporate that into the Styling of your event. From there, choose the wedding supplier that can make your vision come true—from the bridal bouquet down to the flower centerpieces. 


f.) Catering and food 

One of the best things about weddings is the food that is served. That said, do not let your guests leave hungry at your wedding. So, choose enough food to accommodate your guests. Keep in mind that the better the food served is, the happier your guests will be. 

g.) Wedding Cake 

Your wedding cake can act as the centerpiece of your event or can simply be an aesthetic addition to the overall Styling of your venue. So, whether you are choosing a minimalist naked cake or an elaborate multi-tiered one, make sure that it is one you would cut during the wedding reception. Like everything else, be sure to choose one that goes with your wedding them and decors. 


h.) Photography and videography 

Immortalize the memories of your big day by booking wedding photographers and videographers. You want every memorable moment captured on film, so be sure to choose your wedding photographers and videographers wisely. These are the memories you will want to last forever, so hire ones with a good eye for style. 


i.) Hair and Makeup 

It goes without question that a hair and makeup stylist will be hired for the bride and groom. However, the wedding entourage and maybe a few of the couple’s family members would require hair and makeup artists as well. Choose one with good reviews and who can also pull off the kind of look you want on your wedding day. 


j.) Wedding favors and giveaways 

Customarily, brides and grooms give out wedding favors and souvenirs as a token of their appreciation for being there on their biggest day. Wedding favors are an excellent way of appreciating your guests for attending your wedding. Like everything else, be sure to choose one that fits your wedding theme and also one that your guests will love. 


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