Top 10 Small Details Most Brides (And Grooms-To-Be) Often Forget

You have been doing all the planning – hiring florists, choosing the right papers for save the dates, picking your wedding gown and shoes, signing a contract with a catering in Manila provider, etc. It is so hard to imagine that you are missing anything important up to the last detail. But trust us, there is always a to-do or two that escapes your list. We hear about them most of the time, and we are itching to share our list with you, dear brides-to-be.

1) Confirming schedules

Checking in with all the suppliers is your wedding coordinator’s job. However, better make sure that all the schedules are made and confirmed at least one week before your big day. Send out agendas early on so that your bridesmaids and groomsmen will know their responsibilities come the wedding day. Those who have key roles must be at the hotel or church earlier. If he or she is notorious for being late, consider scheduling the person half an hour early.

2) Post-wedding planning

No, not the honeymoon. Rather, what are you going to do immediately after leaving the reception? Where will you go? Of course, you may party until the wee hours at the reception and go straight to bed afterwards. If you are not very particular on privacy, you may book a room next to your guests’. If you are, book a new room elsewhere and do this in advance.  Nonetheless, you may also want to go to a late-night spot inside or nearby the hotel where you are staying.

3) Day-after planning

Some newlyweds leave for their honeymoon when the party ends, heading straight to the airport, for instance. If you prefer honeymooning this way, make advance car service arrangements. If you stayed on the hotel room for the night, then both of you need to decide where to go when it is time to go home. Lucky you are both if you already have your own house. However, it is always a toss between whose parents’ house. Also, make sure that you know how the two of you are going to get there. Don’t expect a relative or friend to pick you up and bring you wherever you want to go. They may be as exhausted and wasted (hangover alert!) as the two of you. However, you may always designate one person to do this for you – one who is not very keen in partying and drinking. Optionally, have your car parked at the hotel’s parking area if this is allowed.

4) Bringing things

Most brides and grooms-to-be often forget to prepare an overnight bag and end up buying things before going to bed. If you cannot officially check in at the hotel, ask a bridesmaid or relative to bring your things with him or her when they do check in. Besides, the majority of the hotels allows early room check-in. Make sure that whoever will bring your bag will find and put it in the safest spot. If you are going to use the same car, you may simply put your overnight bag at the compartment or anywhere safe inside the car.

5) Planning for the entrance and exit

Generally, guests arrive at the reception first, waiting for the newlyweds. The newlyweds are often welcomed with enthusiastic loud cheers. That’s the usual. You can be creative and make the entryways based on your personality–for instance, highlighting your arrival. An example is to dance your way into the reception hall. Also, make the exit as stylish as the entrance. Pyrotechnics is common nowadays, but if the budget is limited, sparklers will do.

6) Decorating other important areas

During the wedding, the church and reception are both dressed up to suit the occasion. With all the effort that you are putting into your wedding, the very last thing you want is have a guest notice an area that seems out of place. Make sure that the bathrooms, for instance, are well-decorated as well. These areas also deserve some décors like candles or flowers. Don’t forget your wedding car. When heading to the ceremony, cars are frequently decorated with flowers at the front. Upon leaving the church, have someone put the ‘Just Married’ sign.

7) Preparing gifts for the entourage

Gifts will continually pour at your doorsteps even days before the big day. It is easy to forget to prepare and give your bridal party members with all these gifts. Don’t. Gifts need not be grand, but make sure you are going to hand those who play a key role at your wedding with simple tokens of appreciation. That includes both sets of parents.

8) Planning for gift gathering

Guests habitually hand their gifts while at the receiving line, during table hopping and before leaving the venue. Coordinators and perhaps, your caterer will set up a gifts table. However, not everyone will take notice. Some may even be too shy to put their gifts on the table. Designate one or two of the groomsmen to let the guests know where they can put the gifts. It is important that you let the boys do it because some of the guests will ask them directly to carry and put the gifts on the table on their behalf. Alternatively, you can have the Master of Ceremonies to announce where the guests can put their gifts.

9) Designating someone to take things home

After the reception, the mementos such as the guest book, cake topper, unity candle, and other paraphernalia must be taken home. The same goes with the leftover food and cake and the gifts! Choose one to three persons to do this for you, and please, let them know of their responsibilities. If you are going to change your wedding gown with a reception-appropriate dress, make sure that the gown will not be left behind. There should be a garment bag (or even a hanger) that a bridesmaid can store the gown for a while.

10)  Putting directions and signage

Guests may get lost on their way to the church if they are not familiar with the place. Spell it for these guests so that they will be on time. Include a map on the invitation. If you have a wedding website, you might as well put the map with information about the routes, modes of transportation, and fares. Possibly, include a detailed map from the wedding ceremony to the reception complete with landmarks. At the reception, put signage for every spot that directs the guests where to go.

There could be minor details that never made their way into your to-do list. Nevertheless, remember that there are no perfect weddings. What makes a wedding perfect is the two of you tying the knot and celebrating love in front of those who love you both so deeply. And don’t forget there are people who are always willing and ready to lend a hand.

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