The Social Media Rules at Weddings

There’s a whole new way of documenting your wedding, and it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your wedding website… the possibilities are endless! How do you control what gets published online for your wedding?

Come up with your hashtag early on.

Most couples that want a classic, timeless wedding don’t like hashtags, since it makes the wedding seem too trendy. If you’re like one of those couples, think about it this way: It’s the easiest way to collate all the photos, posts, and tweets found online of your wedding, so embrace the trend. You can choose something simple, like putting your names together, plus your wedding date (example: #MayJose03232013, rather than #youareMAYforeverloveJOSE)

Post your hashtag in every nook and cranny possible.

If it’s a bit too crass for your taste to include the hashtag in your wedding invitation, post it near the entrance of your reception venue, or on your guests’ tables. Even have your host announce it a couple of times! The more that your hashtag is out there, the more guests will be able to tag their posts and tweets properly.

Have a gadget-free ceremony.

There have been far too many weddings wherein all the bride sees when she walks down the aisle are a sea of cellphones and tablets, not happy, teary-eyed faces. Decide as a couple to have a gadget-free ceremony. Have it announced before the ceremony begins, and include the announcement in the program. If you’re worried that there will be less photos to capture the different moments (or your relatives will throw a fit that your precious cousin who’s a flower girl won’t be photographed), be assured that the photographers and videographers you hired are there to give you peace of mind when it comes to documenting every little detail of your day.

Delete any unflattering or uncomfortable photos.

A few days after your wedding, when you finally find the time to go through all the photos and posts online, you’ll definitely find some photos taken of you or your fiancée in an angle that makes you look weird, or some posts that might be offensive to your family or relatives. If there are some posts or photos that aren’t to your liking, don’t be afraid to ask your guest (or supplier) to remove it. There’s no need for you to demand that they do it, but wording it in such a way that they don’t feel like you’re ordering them to do it, like “Hey! I saw the photos of our wedding in your feed, I love them! You’ve really got an eye for these things. Hey would it be okay though if we remove the one where I have a double chin? It looks like I ate too much in the buffet, haha!” will do the trick.

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