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The Love Adventure of Doy & Gadi


“There are two sorts of romantics: those who love, and those who love the adventure of loving.” –Lesley Blanch

And that’s exactly what the relationship of Doy and Gadi is like—an adventure of love.  The story of Doy and Gadi started in an adventure through the corporate world.

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They were former co-workers at Citibank in the same department and were introduced by Gadi’s barkada during her high school days. But before they’ve become an item, Doy and Gadi started out as friends. They would often go out on gimmicks during Fridays with their officemates. There were times when they would always go to Katipunan to play Rock Band in one of the computer gaming shops there. Besides from the often Friday gimmicks, they also both love listening to music. “There were times when we would just talk about bands, favorite songs, and new artist,” said the couple. There were also times when they would go out and watch live bands perform at bands around Metro Manila since they both appreciate OPM bands such as Up Dharma Down, Sugarfree, etc.

Their relationship was taking turns when they started going out together without their officemates. They would spend their weekends together. “Either in UP where we would go jogging or in Eastwood where we would hang out at coffee shops. This is how our relationship started.”

Climbing Up a Hill

They both enjoyed doing things together and they also loved trying new things. Since Doy is quite the adventurer, he introduced Gadi to various activities that he enjoyed doing and to activities that she never got to do when she was a kid. Among them would be riding a bike, skateboarding, cooking, and going to the beach. Their relationship grew even stronger when Doy introduced Gadi to surfing. It became her favorite hobby and since then, they would frequently travel to La Union and go surfing.

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These things that they enjoyed doing together made them both grow to be better persons. They were continuously learning new things and most of all, appreciate each other more. This made them decide to take their adventure to another level.

“When I proposed to Gadi, it was right after our session in La Union. When the sun was about to set, that was when I showed the ring to Gadi and asked her to marry me. Of course, she said yes! And that was the perfect way to end a very memorable day for us.” Now isn’t that the sweetest?



Securing Tickets

IMG_0677, Events Hall Reception2

Doy and Gadi got married on February 21, 2015 at Sinagtala Farm Resort in Orani, Bataan. It was a very special day for them since all their families and friends came to witness.






“For us, everything was perfect. All of our guests were amazed by the setup of the venue. Most of all, everyone loved the food that was served during the reception. For us, this was one of the most critical factors for a successful wedding celebration—how good the food was at the reception. Our guests will never forget our wedding, not only because we tied the knot together, but also the experience they had after the ceremony.”




A Lifelong Journey

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Living together is a great time for Doy and Gadi. But what makes it more fun is that they could do so much more now that they’re together and enjoying each day with each other’s constant company. They are continuously learning as time goes by, but the most important thing is they are both growing stronger through their relationship.

“Our goal is to continue to remain happy with one another and build our own family.”

Adventures can be fun, but there are adventures that are meant to test our relationships and test us as a person. But wherever you are in your adventure, what matters most is the one you’re holding hands with through the course of the journey. Doy and Gadi found life’s ultimate adventures when they met each other and we wish them all the best.

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