The Hottest Colors of Wedding Flowers 2015

Whether you are having your wedding reception in Filipinas Heritage  Library, Plaza Moriones or Blue Gardens, there is no denying how the right floral arrangements can make any venue as grandiose as it should be. When it comes to choosing the wedding motifs, the modern bride never fails to amuse the crowd and such careful choice is echoed in the choice and colors of blooms as well.

As we bid goodbye to 2014, let’s list down what could be the hottest colors of flowers – from bouquets to boutonnieres – this 2015.



Blush is considered to be 2014’s hottest wedding color, and it will continue to be an important color scheme this year. Blush is not just flattering, but also very feminine. This pale Pink shade looks gorgeous on dresses and cake as well, other than the flowers. It is the subtle version of Bubble Gum Pink, so you can avoid some objections from your groom-to-be.

Blush Peonies are the ideal floral to use. Peonies have an inherent romantic feel to them. Nevertheless, you can also pair Peonies with other blooms to achieve a more modern or vintage look. Other blush flowers to use are Cherry Blossom,  Dahlias, Hyacinths, Hydrangeas, and Sweet peas.




A classic wedding color, Red looks beautiful and sophisticated regardless of the season. Red flatters the most skin tones; hence, it will never run out of style. Not anytime soon.

Red Roses still rule. Red Roses alone exude a romantic vibe. What more if fluffier and fuller long-stemmed roses will be used? But, if you are not into Roses, your Red flower options are Amaryllis, Anemones, Carnations, Gerberas, Gladioli, Poinsettia, Roses, and Tulips.




Another classic wedding color is White. White is simple, yet so chic despite pairing it with either soft or strong hues for subtle and clear contrast, respectively.

What’s good about White flowers is they are usually heavily-scented, which makes smelling them a delightful experience. Gypsophila is an all-time favorite white flower. Gypsophila was once considered fillers, but looks extremely good on its own as a bouquet. Other White flower options include Anemones, Calla Lilies, Camellia, Gardenias, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Narcissus, Orchids, Rose, Stephanotis, and Sweet peas.



Hot Pink

Hot Pink will still be strongly favored this year as it was in 2014. Nonetheless, the shade will be paired with other bolder colors such as Gold, Silver, and Jade. Variations include Magenta and Fuchsia. In fact, Hot Pink and the mentioned shades will make ombre color motif complete.

There are several options of Hot Pink flowers, although Pink Calla Lilies are the most common and accessible option. They can make any bouquet look posh and they are also great as centerpieces. Calla Lilies can be paired with any of these–Alstroemeria, Boronia, Carnations, Gerberas, Lily, Peonies, Protea, Ranunculus, Roses, Stargazer Lilies, and Tulips.



Violet remains to be one of the most favorite wedding colors. It has several hues to choose from–from pastel Lilac to Cadbury-bright purple. For this year though, cool-toned, pale Violet could be the hottest color since it can be paired with dark colors like Green and Blue.

Lavender is an all-time favorite Violet wedding flower. Lavender is such a humble bloom yet sweet-smelling enough for the guests to appreciate. It is specifically applicable for rustic-themed weddings. They will make for the perfect centerpieces once placed in terracotta pots. Other Violet flowers are Anemones, Delphinium, Eustoma, Freesias, Hydrangeas, Irises, Lilac, Statice, Stocks, and Sweet peas.



Blue is not always a preferred wedding color, but we are seeing lots of blue-combined-with-other-color weddings recently. Why not? Blue is a non-traditional option that has various shades from sky blue to Navy Blue.

Flower options are also wide-ranging. Brides can choose between having an all-blue bouquet or with just touches of blue. Blue Hydrangeas will make for a lovely bouquet. Aside from being cheap, they have an interesting visual impact as both centerpiece and pew end. Options for Blue flowers that can be paired with Hydrangeas include Cornflowers, Delphinium, Irises, Muscari, and Thistles.




Green is a popular choice for combined wedding motifs. Nonetheless, it is becoming a common choice for outdoor weddings. Greens are natural and easy on the eyes. They can be gorgeously paired with most neutral shades. It also works well with Hot Pink.

For bright Green weddings, Cymbidium Orchid is a staple. It is a statement flower that is ideal as buttonhole or part of a bouquet. Your choices of Green wedding blooms may include Gladioli, Hydrangeas, Parrot Tulips, Succulents, and Viburnum.




Orange will not be favored much this year because it is too strong a wedding motif. However, the more subtle hues such as pale and bright coral will be. Bright coral will work extremely well with other bright colors like Yellow and Fuchsia. Coral will be a popular choice for destination weddings. Other popular Orange tones are apricot, salmon, and bittersweet.

Tigerlily is a commonplace in coral weddings. If the Orange-ness of the Tigerlily is too much for you, then your next option is light Orange garden roses. Other options are Dahlias, Freesias, Poppies, Snapdragons, and Tulips.




Yellow is a cheerful color that can make any wedding vibrant. It is usually combined with white and orange.

Yellow weddings are bursting with sunshiny feel. Buttercups and Daisies are among the most favorite. However, Sunflowers would be an attractive addition. In fact, Sunflowers are the perfect statement bouquets both for the bridesmaids and flower girls. They can be also used as a centerpiece especially for rustic, summer weddings. Choices of Yellow flowers are Craspedia, Chrysanthemums, Daffodils, Freesias, Gerberas, Lilies, Ranunculus, and Roses.

In the Philippines, there are many other popular choices of wedding flowers. Some are locally grown while some are imported. These are:

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