The Heart of Your Kid’s Celebration


We want not nothing but the best for our kids. Just the best of everything!

How do you really imagine a perfect kiddie party?  Is it when you see your kids enjoying the performances, activities, games, giveaways, designs, food, balloons, party hats and the set-up of the whole party? Sounds complicated, right? Is it really hard to impress the kids? Aren’t they the ones who have the most modest happiness in this world

A perfect kiddie party is a party full of happiness, enjoyment, fun, and pure laughter from all the kids. How do you think are we going to  transform it into reality?

Where does it start? Absolutely not with one hello, but with the right theme!

We had an interview with Ms. Lei, a social event manager from Party Links Events Corporation who specializes in children’s party for 10 years. I asked her how important it is to find the right theme for the kids and she answered, “Yun ang nakakapagpasaya sa kanila. Pagkakita pa lang sasabihin na agad nila, ‘Wow! Ang ganda!’” It makes them happy, as simple as that.


What is your kid’s favorite color? What is your kid’s favorite television show or movie? Is she going crazy about being like Elsa of the movie Frozen? Does he want to be like Peter Pan? Would you want to take your kids to a magical place of Candy Land and Carnival? Do you want your kids to visit the jungle with a Madagascar inspired party or enjoy a western party with your Wild Wild West celebration? Actually, there are lots of themes, designs, and inspiration that you could choose from, a theme that will surely bring fun to the celebrant and all the guests. The venue, designs, set-up, games, clowns, activities, giveaways and the whole program just go with the theme. So once you already have a chosen theme, everything follows. Get ready, set it all up, and then just go! Perfect theme means perfect fun!


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess…

The superhero saves the day!

Who didn’t ever get hook with the stories of beautiful princesses and their prince charming or the superhero stories that saved the world from the monsters who want to invade the universe?

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the “favorite” of them all…

Ms. Lei says, until now, princesses and superhero themes are still the favorite among all the chosen themes of their clients. From Disney princesses, Marvel Heroes to Justice League, they are always on “top of the mind” choice of the clients.  Ms. Lei added that though there are clients that find these themes too old and traditional, many parents and kids still consider them the right choice. “Gusto ng parents na maging princess ang anak niya, lalo na kung nag-iisang anak siya. Gusto gayahin ng mga bata yung pinapanood nilang superheroes sa TV.” 

Is it the beautiful princess and her magical kingdom? Is it the prince charming or the strong and powerful superhero and his superpowers? Whatever it is that made it appealing to the kids and their parents, these kinds of themes are surely here to stay to give happiness, magic, and make the kids believe in the power of dreams and fairytales.


Does the theme affect all the activities? Do the designs, set-up, and props go with the theme as well?  The answer is YES and YES! Even the food carts—candies, ice cream, cotton candies, and chocolates—which are served while the guests and celebrant are waiting for the party to start mostly go with the party theme. The theme carries everything. Remember that every detail should match with the other because one mismatch can ruin the entire idea of the chosen theme.


A well-celebrated milestone is your key towards a memorable and perfect children’s party, so be open for suggestions and ideas. There are tons of themes out there. Choosing the perfect one can be very tough. Try to check the choices carefully until you finally find the right theme for your kid’s party. After all, it’s all about their happiness and I bet you just want to give them all that.

 Aim to find the right theme because it’s the heart of a perfect party and a perfect party means a happy kiddo!

SOURCE: Ms. Lei Ann C. Bulan, Social Event Manager of Party Links Events Corporation. The company now handles corporate and mall events under its UpPlause brand, event styling under Scenerie and children’s parties and kid’s events under Party Links.

Disclaimer: We do not take credit for any of the photos that were used.

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