Why matching your food to your company event is important?

The usual scenario when it comes to events is that everything is planned out, and then you choose your favorite food or the most popular fare out of a menu or a list. While this might have worked or still works for you, there’s a better way to approach this so that there’s no disconnect between the food that you serving and the purpose of your event. Approach it in this way:

What is the purpose of the event?

– If the purpose of the event is a simple gathering, than choosing straight from the list is fine. But if it were a big company anniversary, or maybe a recognition night, it would be great if the food if the food were as festive as the reason behind the celebration. You can go the extra mile during company anniversaries and ask your bosses on what they loved eating when the company was still starting out, or if they had any favorite dishes that you can perhaps recreate and serve during the celebration.

Where is the venue of the event?

– Food to be eaten by the seaside in the tropics is different than the food you would eat inside an air-conditioned hotel ballroom. For one, you have to figure out if the venue is a casual, semi-casual, or formal one. Second, you need to know what’s easiest or most natural to eat in the venue. For beach or more casual alfresco dining, finger food would do. For alfresco dining wherein cocktail tables are the only means available, light fare such as pasta and sandwiches would be great. For more formal occasions, you can primarily pull out all the stops and serve anything you would wish to do so!

When is the event?

– There may be a lot of all-day breakfast lovers out there, but serving the appropriate food during the appropriate time counts. You wouldn’t want guests to get disappointed when you serve light fare when you’re supposed to be feeding them lunch, or finger food that’s not enough to fill their tummies for dinnertime.

Who are the attendees?

– Just like any good marketing executive, you have to know who your target market is. Are they all super VIPs or affluent patrons who are used to the finer things in life? Are they middle class, working class folk who are cowboy enough to try street food as well as the chicest of food? The food will depend on the palette of the crowd who will eat it, so be best prepared to know your market first so that you’ll know what to serve them.

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