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Why Backyard Weddings Are A Good Idea Now

A perfect venue with just the right atmosphere for your romantic affair this COVID-19 season is still found within the comforts of your home. This quarantine period let us welcome  “Backyard wedding”.  Backyard wedding has been a traditional concept for small weddings even before the pandemic arises. Now, that essential events such as weddings are still facing a lot of restrictions it is very timely to be more creative, artistic, and innovative.

Let us find out what makes backyard weddings exemplary this pandemic season:

1. Convenient 

No need to go far across other cities and provinces to find the best wedding venues now that quarantine restrictions are not yet lifted. You can recreate your ordinary backyard and make it looks romantic and rustic. Drop down the idea of expensive styling, for the great outdoors already offer a natural aesthetic that simply calls for a little enhancement.

2. Safe spot and private

You can assure that your backyard is a safe spot for small types of gatherings since it is an open space wherein the air can fairly circulate. It is also considered to be safe since you have the control to whom are allowed to enter the premises.

Private, since you are going after a small and simple wedding, it perfectly matches your venue. You can assure privacy and intimacy while the ceremony is ongoing.

3. Limited space, for limited guests

Small space for small scale wedding…

With this kind of wedding venue, you can assure that you will be able to follow the guidelines for a limited number of people allowed for gathering since backyards offer limited space as well. You can place chairs and tables with the proper distance from one another.

4. Lower cost

Since you are choosing to execute your wedding on your own premises you are not entitled to pay venue fees and rentals. This is such a practical idea for couples who wish to get married having small budget allocation.

With this choice, you can put the money for food and additional aesthetics instead of paying for venue rentals.

5. Natural aesthetic

The great outdoor already offer a natural irresistible beauty. The presence of trees and plants makes the scene more serene and calm. You can make it more eye-catching with lights you can surround with the trees to add a more romantic vibe.

While planning to execute a backyard wedding, you can also search online for pegs and designs that will serve as your inspiration as you recreate your usual backyard to something aesthetic and rustic.

How to execute?

Go for something rustic

it is highly recommended to hire someone who has good knowledge and background on event styling. This is to avoid the hassle of preparations on the day itself. You can eye a certain design and keep a peg and show it to the stylist beforehand to be able to study all the details and do mock set-up as needed and possible.

While your backyard is already loaded with the natural greens you can apply aesthetics by putting lights and linen to capture the real outdoor beauty.

Wedding Party in a Box

As we welcome backyard wedding let us patronize convenient ways as well. Food Order by Hizon’s Catering offers Wedding Party in a Box, a complete package that includes party decorations, needs such as plates and utensils, and of course, a delicious set of meals that make your event extra special.

Choose from our list of group meals bundled with our party sets to complete your intimate wedding:

Group Meals

If you already provided the aesthetic needs of your backyard wedding and still looking for the perfect meals to gratify your guests, we are also offering group meals, a stand-alone meal bundles complete from main courses to dessert. These bundles are offered from smaller to larger pax.


We are also bringing the festivity from our buffet to your tables, from the big events we hold before to your intimate celebration, experience it through our promising dishes. You can mix and match your own meals with our individual meals that come in small to large servings. We offer a complete category of dishes, pork, chicken, beef, seafood, pasta.


Happy endings are defined by our desserts. We offer cakes in can and pastries which you can offer to your guests to wrap up their dining experience at your wedding. Aside from that, you can also offer our pastries or cakes as complimentary gifts to your sponsors and guests instead of the usual wedding souvenirs. They will surely love to remember your special day with an edible souvenir to take home.

The pandemic didn’t actually stop us from doing things, it just brought out our innovative side to be able to pursue things in a secure way. Now that the new normal mandates us to prioritize our safety at all cost, backyard wedding bloomed like flowers in our garden, it is within-reach and simple yet beautiful.

For inquiries regarding our Food order service, you can message us directly through our Facebook page: Food order by Hizon’s Catering

Bookings for a future wedding are still welcome, please send us a message for the list of our packages and food tasting guidelines, on Wedding catering by Hizon’s

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