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Who Should I Invite on My Wedding?

Not sure if your third cousins should be included or how many guests to allot for your parents? We answer all your biggest wedding guest list questions!

How many guests can we invite?

Before you begin creating your list, settle on your wedding and reception venues and find out the minimum and maximum number of guests both can hold. By the time you talk to your caterer, you should have decided on the total number of people to invite so that you can ask for a specific price quote. Oh, and just a reminder! Don’t forget to include yourself and your partner in the wedding list! Some couples forget to do so, creating confusion with the food head count.

Can I hold an intimate wedding?

Yes, especially if your church is small! Some couples choose to invite only their closest friends and family members to the wedding rites, and request the rest to join the reception party. However, this setup would mean creating two invites for different sets of guests, and informing the latter that they’re only invited to the post-rites celebration.

Should my parents have a say on who to invite?

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Is it okay to invite more guests than my partner?

Definitely! Some families are bigger than others, or you might have more business contacts than your partner. But to be fair, start off with a 50% allotment for each person. If your partner feels he won’t be able to complete that number, then he can give his slots to you.

How much of my family can I invite?

Start off with your parents, your siblings, and their respective families. Then, move on to your parents’ siblings, their families, and so on. You don’t necessarily need to invite everyone related to you, especially the ones you aren’t close to or haven’t seen for years. Think of it this way: Will they truly enjoy attending your wedding or will they just be forced to come because of obligations?

Should we only invite common friends?

Not necessarily. It would be great to invite friends who have touched your lives individually and as a couple.

Is it okay not to include plus ones of my friends?

It’s acceptable to exclude a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but it would be rude not to invite another person’s spouse or longtime partner.

Can I invite people I haven’t seen in years?

If you still feel a strong connection with them, go ahead! But some coordinators suggest following the one-year rule, wherein you ask, “Have I seen or spoken to this person over the last 12 months?” If the answer is no, you can choose not to invite them.

Do I really have to invite my officemates?

You’re not required to do so, but it would be a shame not to do so since you interact with these people on a regular basis. Be sure to invite your closest work pals, your assistant, and most importantly, your boss (it would be awkward to ask him for a leave of absence without explaining why you’ll be gone for an extended period of time, right?).

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