Wedding Planning Timeline Series-8 Months before (Part 3 of 10)

Getting into the the minor details of wedding planning, demands equally the same effort as major details requires. Whether initial or final, you should be fair enough with your justification to be able to select the best among the choices.

Order your dress

Eight months before your wedding date is such a great time to select your wedding dress. It is the ideal time since you have an ample period to choose design, fit the dress, make necessary adjustments and look for other suppliers if you want to explore other creations.

wedding on a budget

Cake tasting and order cake

Cutting the cake during weddings signifies hand in hand support of the couples to each other for their future family. Therefore, this symbolic confection should be chosen carefully, given that first and foremost it should be delicious.

Cake tasting must be done by the couples few months before the wedding since they should be picking the right taste and design and in consideration that cakes are treated as one of the precious gems in a wedding.

Considerations take place before choosing the final cake for your wedding, these are flavor, taste, style, and budget. After you have finally decided on the different categories, you should be placing your order as early as eight to six months before your wedding date.

wedding on a budget

Hair and Make up Trials

Hair and make up trials are important to be able to see the ideal possible look you might want to achieve on your wedding day. Since, there are a lot of vendors offering their services, it is a must to see for yourself so you can make adjustments if you wanted make something lighter, darker or you can even suggest a color palette.

wedding on a budget

Your perfect fit dress and elegant hair and make up will be your great asset on your wedding day. Talking about searching, choosing and preparing few months before is a great starter to achieve your dream look considering your wedding on a budget.


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