Wedding Planning Timeline Series- 6 Weeks before (Part 7 of 10)

Six weeks before your wedding day, you are probably restricting your budget and getting most of the things complete. Six weeks before, things to be done aren’t those complicated as much as the previous months you deal with.

Whether civil or church wedding you will need this important legal document your marriage license, here are the steps in applying for a marriage license.

Apply for Marriage License

Marriage license gives you all the rights to appear and walk through the aisle on your wedding day. This relevant piece of paper makes all your plans possible. At the same time, a marriage license makes you entitled to different benefits that your husband/wife holds.

Requirements for Marriage License Application

-Personal appearance of the applying parties.

-The latest certified true copy of you and your partner’s PSA birth certificates (original and photocopy).

-A notarized affidavit of parental consent or advice for applicants below 25 years old.

The legal age for marriage in the Philippines is 18.

For applicants between 18 and 21 years old, a notarized parental consent is required. The father, mother, or guardian (in the order of mention) can either personally appear with valid ID (original and photocopy) or provide notarized consent.

Meanwhile, for applicants between 21 and 25 years old, notarized parental advice is necessary. The parents or guardian is likewise required to either show up with a valid ID (original and photocopy) or just provide a notarized written account expressing that they’re aware of the couple’s intent to marry as well as any other advice they wish to give.

Forms are usually available at the local civil registrar/city civil registry department where you’ll file the application.

In case the parents refuse to provide notarized parental advice, you may submit a sworn statement telling the reason why they refused, after which the marriage license can only be issued 3 months after you filed the application.

-Latest Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) or Certificate of Singleness

Certificate of Attendance in a pre-marriage counseling, family planning, and responsible parenthood seminar (if applicable).

Most local civil registrars only require couples to attend the seminar if they’re 24 years old or younger.

-At least 2 Valid IDs of the couple (original and photocopy).2 pieces recent ID picture with white background.

-Community tax certificates or CEDULA.

-Barangay Certificate

Get Everything Printed

Having printed materials for your wedding will be an additional aesthetics that you can provide. You are permitted to add a personal touch with your printed materials such as your choice of colors, words, and themes.

Welcome  Signage

Welcome sign at the entrance of your events place, welcoming words such as “Welcome to the wedding of Mr. and Mrs.”, “We’re glad you came”, or “You’re presence is more than enough” are good enough for your guests to feel a warm welcome.

Menu Cards

The purpose of menu cards is for your guests to see the list of enticing dishes that your catering service has to offer.


Table number

Table numbers are very significant printed materials, these will give your guests convenience to immediately see where they are supposed to seat. Furthermore, this is relevant during mealtime since the program host can clearly identify which table number to line up first on the buffet area.

Souvenir Tag

Appreciation tag with a touch of sweet words from the newlyweds is such a great way to show how grateful you are to your guests for making time for your event.

The things mentioned are relevant papers to process whether concerning the legality or aesthetics of your marriage. Six weeks are actually short span of time for you to cram and rush your wedding tasks.  Make sure to coordinate hand in hand with your wedding coordinator and planner to be able to properly addressed things  and don’t missed small details.

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