Wedding Planning Timeline Series-6 Months before (Part 4 of 10)

A period of six months before your wedding day is just the right time for save the dates, booking honeymoon, purchasing wedding bands and ordering your bridesmaid’ dresses.

Send save the dates

Your invites came from different circumstances, some of them might be a planning to go to a trip six months from now, busy on work, or might have an important commitment during that day, that is why the relevance of sending save the date the soonest is suggested.

Considering sending save the dates as early as possible is giving ample time and consideration to your guests to free their schedule on the day of your event. By doing this, expect positive replies from your guests plus the idea that most of your invites will be able to come.

Book honeymoon

Though this is basically part of after-wedding preparation, honeymoon is one of the factors that excites the couples aside from the wedding day itself. Booking your honeymoon early gives no hassle in terms of time and place given the idea of wedding on a budget.

Time, since you getting nearer to the wedding day itself, priority changes which demand more of your time, attention and focus. Place, considering your dream honeymoon destination, for sure you will be considering out of town or even of the country places, six months early is just right time for you to book your transportation and accommodation.

Purchase wedding bands

Looking for unique and elegant wedding bands might take you some time, since the consideration such as the price, design and size varies. To keep you guided, the idea of attending wedding fairs is a great way to encounter different vendors that can give you advice and will show you sample products.

Order bridesmaid’ dresses

Choosing bridesmaid’ dresses is incomparable to picking today’s casual outfit. Your bridesmaid dresses require you to delve into every detail of color, motif and size.

As early as six months it is essential to choose and order bridesmaid’ dresses since its delivery and alterations might take some time. At the same time, if you choose to rent dresses you must make an early reservation to assure that it matches your designed color and size.


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