Wedding Planning Timeline Series-4 Months before (Part 5 of 10)

Your wedding checklist will be showing its significance as you move closer to your event date. Along the way, it is better to have a guide that reminds you of what to do next and at the same it is a fulfillment on your part to see the things you already accomplished.

Four months before the wedding, you should be on the state of making firm decisions since you need to decide which among the vendors will provide your wedding needs.

At this stake, these are the things you should be deciding on:

Selecting groomsmen attire

Selecting groomsmen attire is easier once you point out other significant details such as your wedding theme, venue and location. Four months is just ideal for certain adjustments specifically the size.

Selecting your groomsmen attire should match the theme and your bridesmaid dress so that they will look uniform on pictures. Consider also your location and venue to give your men a perfect caress of comfort. It is not then advisable to wear layered clothes for outdoor weddings.

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Confirm vendors 

Eight months is long enough for you to decide which among the vendors you met and tried live up to your expectations. Upon confirming to your vendors, partial payment is required, that also depend on your transaction agreement.

An early confirmation gives you an assurance that a supplier will provide your wedding needs, as an example is booking your wedding venue and affordable catering service right for your event. Booking them might take you some time since before you decide which caterer fits your wedding, you need to see variety of catering services, to try their different dishes in consideration to your preference and your budget. For your wedding venue, you need to make a research which of those is accessible for your guests and of course to your wedding church as well as it should be budget approved.

Wedding venues also have slots to fill per event date, once you secure your date earlier, rest assure that your desired event venue will be followed.

Decide on hair and make up

After several trials of makeup, on your eight month of planning you should already decide on your final look for your wedding and have it done by your makeup artist.

For your hair you can find a lot of inspirations on the internet, which is subject to a little bit of adjustment depending on your hair strength and length.

The juggle of tasks at this point might be tougher since accompanied by choosing is deciding whether you will pick the certain vendor or look for another one which is equated to investing time and effort.

Wedding Planning is never an easy part of adulating, in which the results of your choice will be foreseen on your wedding day. That is why like going on a supermarket as a smart buyer, don’t be easily deceived by promos and promises, it is still a must to try the product and see it for yourself.

Having these things done few months before the wedding day, gives you a license to pamper yourself few days before your big day.

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