Wedding Planning Timeline Series-12 months before (Part 1 of 10)

Wedding planning a year before your target date is a staple idea couples should consider. Planning ahead of time avoids unsought circumstances, which might lead to a minor or major problem.

Take a look of this substantial timeline that can serve as your guide throughout your wedding planning journey.

12 month before

Book a venue

Booking a wedding venue a year or nine months before the wedding is a standard thing to consider, this means that you need to do a research and tour to be able to make a list of your prospect venues.  Consider first the location of the venue, if it gives the benefit of convenience to you and to your guests. After having your list, orient yourself with the different facilities, function halls and rules of the venue.  Also consider the price, for it has one of the relevant say if you are going to book that certain venue.

Your events place can be your ceremony and reception at the same time depending on your ideal wedding, if it falls under a garden wedding or civil wedding. It is also a must to book your wedding on your chosen church venue a year before since there are a lot couples that are possibly eyeing same church venue at the same date as yours.

events place

Draft guest list 

There are things you should first settle with your partner before disclosing it with the whole family. In such a way you can figure out problems and attend to it immediately. First on your list should be your immediate family, and then add close family members, also add your closest friends. It is a good way to start with this guide to ensure you’re not missing people whom should be there.

The couple chooses half and each set of parents chooses a quarter. So if you decided to invite 200 people on your wedding, you and your partner will have the freedom to choose 100 people to invite, your parents will get 50 people to invite and your partner’s parents will get to decide on the other 50. The couple and the parents each get one third of the invitees. If you’re going to have a wedding of 300 guests, you can invite 100, your partner can invite another 100, your parents and your partner’s parents can the other 100 slots. The bride’s family chooses half and the groom’s family chooses the other half. If you’re going to invite 500 guests, each family can split the number and will have 250 slots of guests to fill in.

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Engagement party

Engagement party is a formal announcement of your wedding. This should happen after your engagement per se, so that your family and relatives will be oriented about your incoming nuptial. Also, an implied intention of engagement parties is to let the guests have initial interaction months before the big day.

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As couples you should plan your wedding hand in hand, it is a good thing to involve the online community on your planning, draw ideas by doing a research about the possible ideas you might consider.

Also, acknowledge the ideas of registering online, for example registering on bridal fairs and grand food tastings of affordable catering, registering online make it more convenient in terms of asking for quotes and packages since someone will be readily available to assist you once you inquire.

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Wedding Planning Timeline Series-10 months Before (Part 2 of 10)

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