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Why Are Wedding More Fun in the Philippines?

There are many reasons why saying “I do” in the Philippines is more fun than you could ever imagine. Perhaps, you’ve encountered a news reporting a well-known celebrity who secretly wed in the Philippines. They knew how fun and thrilling it is to get hitched here! Whether it’d be in Binondo Church, La Castellana, or The Glass Garden, the Philippines is now dubbed as the go-to destination for great weddings. There are 1,707 islands in the Philippines, and the number of reasons to marry in the Philippines is as many as that. Since we don’t have that time or space to list all them, we’ve listed them in categories.

1) Filipino service

Worldwide, the Filipinos are collectively known as professionals and hard workers. Not only that, we are very particular on details, goodwill, and work ethic. These are the values important in planning a wedding, so the locals and foreigners are assured that the wedding preparations are in good hands. To-be-weds must not worry as well because Filipinos are very lenient and compliant. Talk about heightened level and quality of services, we can accommodate whatever requests the couples might have even a few days before the wedding day. The very last thing that a couple wants is losing precious times to dragging planning and preparing. This is also the very last thing that our local wedding planners and coordinators want.

2) Filipino joie de vivre

Filipinos are cheerful, finding enjoyment on the simplest of things despite the inherent constraints involved in making a dream wedding come to life. We can inject humour even to the most serious issues that haunt us, in a good way though. Our local wedding planners even take rush weddings with a smile even if it means meeting tight deadlines and having sleepless nights and indulging on caffeine. It is important for us organizers, coordinators, and planners to channel our happiness to the wedding we are planning itself not because we are being paid to do so, but because weddings are our passion. We take pride on our accomplishments–weddings included.

3) Value of money

Average weddings in the US spend about $20,000. In the Philippines, this amount can give a grand wedding – the kind that you’ve dreamt of since you were young. The value of peso gives the wedding industry a win-win scenario being the most affordable weddings for couples from all over the world. A dollar is equals to ₱40++ which means couples can have their wedding expenses 40x as inexpensive compared when doing it elsewhere. So, clients keep coming in and looking into the wedding and honeymoon packages offered by the suppliers, knowing that they won’t go broke after a lavish wedding celebration.

4) English fluency

The Philippines ranked third largest English-speaking countries worldwide. Filipinos are proficient and has a good command of foreign languages, not just English. Communicating with the local wedding suppliers won’t necessarily be a problem regardless of how elaborate your wedding is. Also, Filipinos are always respectful and hospitable, and it will show once you get to talk to any local supplier. Not to mention, our brand of hospitality is not intrusive, or the kind that basically annoys foreign clients. Our heightened level of service will be evident pre-, during and post wedding.

5) Artistry and craftsmanship

Wedding artistry and craftsmanship is also recognized worldwide. Our local people take inspiration from our rich heritage, natural beauty of our country and everyday experiences, and transform them into exquisitely designed Barong Tagalog, for instance. The Filipinos are oozing with talents from the bridal wears down to the floral arrangement, catering and photography. The overabundance of the talents can be harnessed to make your wedding visions a reality. Let’s not forget Monique Lhuillier’s couture bridal gowns, some of the materials of which are sourced from the Philippines.

6) Unique destinations

In Metro Manila alone, there are thousands of choices of wedding destinations for both ceremony and reception. In fact, there are locations suitable for ceremonies and receptions at the same time. There are centuries old churches, lush botanical gardens, pristine white sand beaches, cool mountain chapels, world-class hotels, posh boutique resorts, etc. A couple will never run out of choices of excellent backdrops that can make any given wedding as breath-taking as it should be even though the wedding is happening on the most exotic location imaginable. The destinations are not just for weddings, but also for marriage proposals, renewal of vows (or second weddings for some) and honeymoons.

7) Side trips

Destination weddings are not only about trying the knot elsewhere other than where they currently live. Destination weddings are not one-day events; they usually span to a few days to a week (or even more). The trips are made more worthwhile with the fun and exciting activities on the vicinity to entertain the couple and their guests. Immersing on the local cultures and mingling with the locals is also possible. We understand that attending a wedding on a far-off place is no joke that’s why we, Filipinos, see to it that the experience will be one-of-a-kind and truly memorable.

8) Legal documents

Marrying in the Philippines, as in other countries, require legalities. Nonetheless, the requirements are minimal compared to that of others. The documents can be completed in a month, and the fees are usually smaller than you’d expect. You just have to be at least 21 years old (with parental consent). Certainly, you must have a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage (foreigners marrying a Filipino/Filipina and local citizens) and certificate of no marriage (local citizens) before you can marry locally. These documents are available in the civil registrar, National Statistics Office (NSO) or embassies. Wedding planners can assist couples with completing the requirements. For weddings outside churches, chapels and temples or judicial chambers and consulates, the officiant must grant a letter of request to officiate the wedding ceremony in a different location.

Destination wedding is the trend right now, and Philippines is in the top choices if not the #1 choice. Saying “I do” in the Philippines is far from being mediocre regardless of the budget.  It’s a union like no other because Filipino marriages are not only about bonding two people in matrimony, but also the merging of two families. Above are the main reasons the country is the ideal place to start a lifetime of wedded bliss.

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