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Wedding Coordinator: To Hire or Not to Hire?

Weigh the pros and cons of booking a wedding coordinator.


Planning for your wedding can take up a lot of time and effort, and for someone who hasn’t arranged a grand event before this, it could feel totally overwhelming. Hiring a wedding coordinator who’s done this hundreds of time will put you at ease.

Whether it’s a full-service planning or a day-of coordination, your wedding planner lets you know what should been done at a certain time frame and reminds you of payments to be given or things to be booked. On the day of the wedding, the planner will coordinate with all the parties involved, from the couple to the families to the entourage and to the photographer, videographer, and other suppliers.

This is a particularly time-consuming portion of the wedding process. With a coordinator, you only have to sit down and catch up with one person to find out how things are progressing for the different aspects of your big day.

Want to get a vintage bridal car but have no idea where to find one? Your wedding planner has a wealth of contacts that can help complete your check list. Plus, when you’re feeling confused about a certain wedding issue, a coordinator can present you with multiple scenarios based on his past experiences. The best part is that your wedding planner can help you make the most of your budget and allocate it properly.

There’s only so much you can prioritize for the big day. All the little things will be covered and addressed by your planner and his team.


Talk to friends to get referrals and check bridal chat rooms for honest feedback on the people you’re eyeing. You and your partner should both be present to meet with prospective wedding planners. Have a talk after all your meetings, and choose the person that you both feel confident and at ease with.

Unless your sister or best friend is a wedding coordinator, you’ll have to set aside money from your wedding budget to hire one. You’ll need to decide if you can afford full-service planning or day-of coordination, and come up with other alternatives to cater to your specific needs.

This is a disadvantage for couples who want to be involved every step of the way. If you hire a planner, you grant that person the power to make decisions on your behalf and to smooth out problems in its early stages.

This is especially true for wedding coordinators who have too many clients or need to focus on weddings that are about to take place. But don’t worry! As soon as those weddings are over, they’ll have more time to concentrate on planning yours.

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