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Ultimate Guide to an Intimate Wedding

This 2020 is the year to welcome intimate, unique and one of a kind weddings. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to value things that matter in our life. It takes almost a year for a dream wedding concept to be finalized and yet a virus unexpectedly weakens the possibility of turning it into reality this year.

Nevertheless, adversity like this makes people stronger to win over the situation. Stand still because it takes a lot of precaution before we can finally meet at the banquet table.

As we embrace the “new normal” for essential events like weddings, we are achieving risk-free ways to make your dream event possible.

Outdoor Ceremonies 

The great outdoor has a lot to offer for couples, fresh air, panoramic view, and rustic experience, alongside a wide space to maintain a physical distance with one another.

A spacious and versatile reception venue ringed by freshness will allow air to circulate properly, a way to lessen the risk. As you embrace this kind of intimate celebration you might as well try a memorable rustic experience courtesy of an outdoor wedding venue.

Properly ventilated venues 

A bigger wedding venue with a less number of guests gives an appropriate space to maintain distance to each and every one. This precaution can be observed for wedding reception venues to honor the safety of everyone.

A limited number of guests

If you are aiming into more than a hundred guests for your ultimate wedding remember that our keyword for this year’s event is intimate so whether you have a lesser number of audience it won’t affect the solemnity and significance of your event.

We understand that every name on your guest list is valuable, but in times like this safety is our top priority. You have to trim it down to a lesser number, though this is tough you can start choosing from the names of guests who are so-called high risk of contracting the virus such as senior citizens, and of course while giving an exception to the couple’s parents. Next, are the minors since they are also considered to be high risk therefore you can consider eliminating their names. Though this is one of the hardest thing to do, the power of technology does its job for instances like this, you can have someone document your wedding live for a distant audience like them in that way they just miss the occasion physically but not totally.

Top-notch hygiene

Hygiene is our top practice since the beginning, in the presence of an unwanted enemy, such effort will definitely be prioritized and maximize. In such a way clients will have a worry-free event plus top-ranked dishes on their banquet. Services a will also be limited to plated to avoid long lines on the buffet and have and contactless dining experience.

Limited seating capacity per table

To assure that distance is really maintained seating capacity per table will be also trim down; through this, we can still observe the physical distance to avoid contact. You can still design a distance beautifully by creating a seating plan for your guest. You can make your friends sit together so that they can somehow start a good conversation with one another.

Weddings are simply beautiful that no one can ruin it. It might be trimmed, weaken, postponed but not canceled at all. Let us welcome the “new normal” for events in such a way we don’t sacrifice convenience, significance, and most importantly safety.



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