Ultimate Guide to a Successful Family Reunion

Apart from a romantic relationship, romance first bloomed inside our homes. While growing we are thought to build a strong relationship with our family, a principle that we adopted based on our culture. In a country where we are schooled to treat everyone with respect, it is a factor why family bonds remain to be strong. Nevertheless, as time passed by career growth, better opportunity and commitments set families apart.

The distant created sprouted the idea of Reunion, wherein people wanted to spend a day to bond with their loved ones and bridge the gap of generations. Furthermore, the best way to bridge the generation gap is to aim for a successful family reunion.

What are the easiest and quick must-knows in organizing a successful family reunion?

Spread the word

Traditionally we use to send invites as a heads up for upcoming events, this practice was set aside this Social media era. Clearly, we spread the word through group chats or email for a more formal one.

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Set the date

Know the availability of your family members then pick a date that is amenable to everyone. Usually, family reunions are done during long weekends, Christmas season, or Birthday of loved ones.

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Find a venue

For your event venue, choose an affordable, appropriate and accessible one. There are a lot of affordable party venues in Manila to choose from. Appropriate, a venue that can accommodate all your needs and a venue with enough space complimenting to the number of attendees. Lastly,  accessible, a venue wherein favorable to everyone so that there will be no latecomers on the day of the event.

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Wear your identity

It has been a practice of most families gathering during reunions to wear a shirt that shouts their identity. It is usually color-coded with their family surname.

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Prepare a good food

Usually, for families, potluck has been the practice for gatherings but as the family grows bigger the tradition changes. Aiming for a more for convenient one, the buffet has been the best option. Catering services in Manila provides packages that complement your budget and number of attendees.

Catering services in ManilaOrganize a program

Organizing a program keeps the reunion dynamic and systematic.

Sample Family Reunion Program

I. Welcome Speech (can be done by the eldest member in the family)

II. Introduction to each family (can be done through a family cheer)

III. Lunch

IV. Games (Think of fun and enjoyable games all ages can relate)

Note: It is a good idea to allocate a budget for prizes to encourage the participation of everyone especially the little ones.

V. Picture Taking (the best way to end a family reunion is to take pictures so that the future generation has something to look into)

VI. Collect memories

Capture life moments through pictures.  Photos are timeless and the best visual to introduce and bridge generations. For your photo opp, you can do per family, extended family and lastly the whole family.

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A successful family reunion requires the participation and coordination of every family member. Eliminate the gap through countless memories created even for a short period of time.

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