Tips To Make Your Photo Booth The Best One Ever

Give your guests, young and old, an unexpected twist to the usual photo booth.

Update your props. Say goodbye to the random, wacky hats and wigs, and say hello to props that specifically fit your theme. Talk to your photo booth provider on what you’ll specifically need, but if they can’t provide it, hop on to Pinterest for ideas on how to make it yourself.


Go for more than one set up. It might cost you a little bit more, but it will be well worth it if your guests have fun choosing one (or all) of your fun backdrops. Don’t hold out on the designs, too—think fake grass and stand alone trees, a bench with a mini carnival in the background, or the beach during a sunset.

Get a trampoline. Who doesn’t think of doing a jump shot during photo shoots, and who doesn’t need help jumping, anyway?

Make your “branding” less obvious. Admit it: You usually cut out the name or the photo of the celebrant when you post your photo somewhere. So rather than putting in a big photo of your child right there on the print itself, put his name or initials in the backdrop, or include a small note that says, “Thanks for coming!” printed at the bottom of the photo.

Consider your lighting. If you’ll be having your party outdoors, sunlight will be your best friend for photos that are “#nofilter”. If you’re having it indoors, position it somewhere where you can still get natural light, with minimal lighting required. If you’re in an enclosed space with no windows, don’t fret—check the lighting of your photo booth yourself before any of your guests arrive, so that you can fix it before the party starts.


Bring out the emojis and LOLs. Be current and hip with cutouts that are straight out of your kids’ smart phones and tablets. Create thought bubbles with the words LOL, TBH, FTW, and emoji cutouts that are as big as people’s faces, and see the fun happen!


Create an interactive backdrop. What’s better than a pretty backdrop? One that you can actually use! Make a life-size doll box where kids can crawl in and pretend to be dolls or toys themselves, or make their favorite movie posters come to life by making it as a backdrop, with them as the superheroes or their favorite movie stars.


Make it into a friendly competition. You’d be surprised on what a little rivalry can do to make people creative all of a sudden! Ask your guests to take their most creative snaps using your photo, upload it on Instagram with your party’s specific hashtag, and the winner gets a spectacular prize!

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