The Ultimate Guide in Choosing Your Wedding Venue – Types of Wedding Reception – Part 2 of 4

This is a 4-part special that covers all the things you need to know in booking a venue for your wedding. Here are the links : Part 1– What to Ask before Booking your Venue, Part 2 -Types of Wedding Reception, Part 3 & Part 4 – List of Wedding Receptions.

Are you and your intended still trying to decide where to hold your wedding celebration party? Hizon’s Catering breaks down the different types of reception venues you can choose from.

Your wedding preparations won’t feel complete until you’ve locked in your wedding reception—a place that will host all the merriment you’ll be having with your family and friends! If you’ve been contemplating about the exact location to host your celebration, consider the pros and cons of each option:

In the city or out of town?

In the City

– Since your ceremony and reception will be held in metro, this means you can invite as many people as you want. Chances are, more people will RSVP to say they’ll attend the event.

However, this is a double-edged sword since some acquaintances who hear about your upcoming nuptials will expect to be invited. A few would feel hurt if you don’t include them on the guest list.

– More people means more expenses, since you’ll have to make sure your venue will be able to fit all your invited guests and your food will be enough for your expected headcount.

– The reception venue will definitely be easier to get to as long as the guest has a car, can hitch with someone, or can even take public transportation to get to the party.

– City traffic is a big disadvantage which can easily be alleviated by picking out a day (weekend) and time (morning to mid-day) that has more acceptable traffic conditions.

– Since many couples get married in the city, it’s advisable to book your venue at least a year before the event.

Out of Town

– If your wedding involves booking a plane trip or traveling for more than two hours by car, some people might be disinclined to attend your wedding.On the flip side, if the out-of-town venue will be held in a unique destination, many people will be excited to attend it!

– There’s a bigger chance that less people can attend especially if they have work commitments and prior obligations. To be safe, you need to inform the most important people you want to grace your wedding—as in the people who will make up your primary sponsors, secondary sponsors, and entourage—as early as possible!

– To cut down on costs, you can have a very intimate affair that can be as little as 10 people or as much as 200 guests. You’ll have to consider where they’ll be booked, especially if the celebration takes place over the course of a few days.

– Though it might be more challenging to get to, your wedding reception can be more unique than the ones held in the city. You can have an amazing backdrop such as a view of the mountainside or a sandy harbor!

– Destination weddings are growing in popularity, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to book too far ahead. If your venue is not as common, you can make reservations as late as six months ahead of your target date.

Read more tips here about planning an out of town wedding.

Indoors or outdoors?



– Definitely a foolproof choice!No matter what the weather is outside, you can expect guests to stay dry and cool as long as they stay inside your venue.

– Though you are limited to spicing up the space you are renting, you can be as imaginative as you want and not have to worry about your decorations or other wedding elements being blown away by unforeseen elements.

– You don’t need to spend a lot just to transport your guests to a new destination! You can simply use props to create a different feeling and tone for your party.

– Most venues in the Philippines offer air-conditioning options for indoor celebrations.



– Outdoor venues usually offer picturesque views depending on where they’re located. Romantic blooms, dynamic cityscapes, and ombre-colored sunsets are just some of the things you and your guests can see outside. Check our outdoor venues here.

– This is a tricky option especially since there are only two seasons in the Philippines: dry and wet. In the summer season, the sun can get too oppressive (don’t make your guests suffer under the heat!).In the rainy season, strong winds and rainfall might destroy your decorations and soak everyone present.

– You’ll need a backup plan in case the weather decides to crash your wedding. Rent a tent which can cover the open area, or pick a reception venue that also offers indoor options.

– Take note that only a handful of venues provide air coolers for their outdoor celebrations.

Read this to know the reasons why it’s great to have an outdoor wedding.

Air-conditioned, air cooled, or open?



– The best choice for most couples since the temperature can be easily adjusted.

– Air-conditioners have their own quirks. Some are loud (especially when they’re old units) while others drip (especially the ones mounted in the ceiling).

– Be careful not to position older people directly in front of air-condition units for some cannot handle the cold so well.

Check our air-conditioned function halls here.

Air cooled

– A modern option presented to venues that are covered but not fully enclosed.

– There should be enough air cooling units provided, ideally one for every table.

– The humidity and weather of your wedding day can also make an air cooling unit lose its effect.

Check our air cooled function halls here.


– Garden, patio, roof deck, poolside—these are just a few examples of weddings held in open areas.

– They don’t always have electrical plugs scattered throughout the venue,which is why some of them don’t offer air cooling options.

– Want to plugin air coolants via extension cords? They won’t look pretty as they lie on the floors of your venue. Plus, they can cause different kinds of accidents!

Check our open garden venues here.

Popular venue types in the Philippines

We listed down seven of the most rented settings for wedding receptions!

Hotel: A common choice, many couples choose hotels because they offer full services from the pre-wedding preparation and overnight accommodations to catering, wait staff, and valet services. They come out more expensive than most options, especially if the hotel has been around for decades.

Function hall: This is an affordable option for couples who want to celebrate in an indoor venue. These reception areas offer rental only rates as well as venue and catering packages. Check out some prime examples here.

Ancestral home or historical venue: A highly unique setting that highlights a family’s roots or a Filipino heritage site. Vigan, Ilocos and Intramuros, Manila are two perfect examples of locales which have many impressive architectural wonders and photo-worthy spots.

Garden: If you’re a fan of nature, an air-conditioned, covered, or open garden reception could be a great choice for you! You can be sure that the place will be lush and vibrant all year round.

Resort: Perfect for beach-loving couples who want to get married by the water! Boracay, Bohol, and Palawan are just a few of the popular Philippine tropical getaways that have turned into wedding ceremony and reception sites.

Restaurant: Couples who love the food of a certain restaurant can also choose to have their wedding reception there. If you’re considering a restaurant,just make sure the restaurant you pick is capable of serving all your guests or you might end up with grumpy party attendees.

Alternative wedding reception venues

You don’t need to think hard to come up with unique locations for your celebration!

 Boat or yacht: You can hold your reception on a cool, moving venue—a nautical vessel!

 Country club:This is a great choice for couples whose families have been members of exclusive clubs. Paying annual and monthly membership fees entitles you to discounted use of their facilities!

 Function room of your place of worship: Ask your church if there is a room or hall that you could rent for a couple of hours. That way, your guests won’t need to transfer to a different venue after you’ve exchanged wedding vows.

Farm: If your family owns a provincial farm, a ranch, or a plantation with sprawling spaces, you can definitely have a rustic-themed wedding celebration there!

High school or university gym: If you are high school or college sweethearts, go back to the place where it all started and hold your wedding reception on campus!

Lake house or manor: A venue that’s sitting right beside a still body of water would be a great reception area for peace-loving couples.

 Warehouse: Look for old, empty structures that you can magically transform for a day! Just make sure the foundations are still sturdy, and the water and electricity work.

Zoo: Wild about animals? You should host your wedding reception in a children’s zoo, marine park, or a wildlife reserve! Avilon Zoo and Manila Ocean Park are two great options to check out.

Read our Part 1 on the questions you should ask before choosing your reception venue, and Part 3 on possible wedding reception areas you can book! For more wedding planning tips, like us on Facebook at Hizon’s Catering or Subscribe to our daily Newsletter below.

The Ultimate Guide in Choosing Your Wedding Venue – List of Wedding Receptions – Part 3 of 4

Thinking of holding your wedding celebration in Antipolo, Cainta, Taytay, San Mateo, Batangas, Tagaytay, Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga, Las Piñas, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Makati, Taguig, or Manila? Let Hizon’s Catering help you find the perfect place for your wedding reception depending on your dream area!

Antipolo, Cainta, Taytay, and San Mateo

These four areas all fall under the province of Rizal which is named after the Philippine National Hero. The entire area is enhanced by the beauty of the Sierra Madre mountain range.


1. Sweet Harmony Gardens

Tanchoco Avenue, Barangay San Juan, Taytay

A sprawling 1.5 hectare garden, Sweet Harmony Gardens contains seven venues for you to choose from! A special three-story mansion also contains different banquet halls for largercelebrations.

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