The Ultimate Guide in Choosing Your Wedding Venue – What to Ask before Booking your Venue – Part 1 of 4

This is a 4-part special that covers all the things you need to know in booking a venue for your wedding. Here are the links : Part 1– What to Ask before Booking your Venue, Part 2 -Types of Wedding Reception, Part 3 & Part 4 – List of Wedding Receptions.

From the actual location to the ambiance of the site, there are a lot of things you need to really consider before booking your wedding reception venue. Don’t sign the contract and give your first deposit just yet! Reflect on all these questions first…

1.  Where is the wedding reception located?

-Can people easily travel from your wedding ceremony venue to your wedding reception venue?

-Is the venue easily accessible by car and by public transportation?

-Is the venue in a central or remote place?

-Will you offer alternate ways to get to the location if it is in a distant place?

TIP: Location plays an important part in making people decide if they’ll attend your wedding reception or not. You can get ideas for your wedding location map here.

2. What is the size of the reception venue that you need?

-Do you prefer a small setting that will fit the most basic party needs?

-Will you choose a mid-sized venue that can be customized to fit more tables and special sections?

-Do you dream of a grand wedding venue with large open spaces for people to move around in?

TIP: The size of the venue will depend on the couple’s preference, but a huge part of the decision would depend on the number of guests you both plan to invite.

3. Does the venue match your theme?

– What wedding theme do you have in mind? Check our wedding themes here.

-Will you have to do many adjustments to make the venue match your theme?

-Were you impressed by the exterior façade as well as the inside facilities?

-What kind of feeling do you want guests to have when they see your venue? Does it match the feeling you had when you saw it?

TIP: You won’t need to spend too much on a venue that already matches the theme you have in mind. Check our list of accredited venues here.

4. What are the existing elements of the venue you’re eyeing?

-Does the venue have a beautiful garden that needs little to no additional styling? (Many of our accredited venues have it. You may check it here.)

-Does it have a majestic walkway going to the actual venue?

-For the venue, is it bare or do they already have swags, lights, or decorations that you can use on the day itself?

-Can you hang decorations from the ceiling or mount wall decors on the pillars?

TIP: Ask your wedding reception venue contact for their standard list of dos and don’ts. Or better yet, show styling pegs of the decorations you want to execute and ask if you’re allowed to do them.

5. Are there possible holding areas in the venue?

-Is there a room where the bride and the groom can rest and touch up before the party starts?

-If there is a big break in between the ceremony and reception, is there an area that can be turned into a cocktail area for guests who arrive early?

-Are there additional fees to be paid for booking these holding areas?

TIP: If you’re booking your wedding in a hotel, ask for special packages or promos. They might be able to throw in these holding areas for free or at discounted rates!

6. How much space do you need for the dining area?

-Will the couple have a special area set up separately from the rest of the assembly or will you dine with your guests of honor?

-Will you have a sit-down meal for all the guests or just for you, your parents, ninongs, and ninangs?

-Would you prefer to have a buffet-style setup so people can have their fill of the food?

-Are you thinking of setting up a carving station or order lechon for your reception?

-Would you like a dessert buffet table and offer a variety of treats that both kids and adults will like?

-Are your friends and family heavy drinkers? Will you hire a mobile bar for alcoholic drinks?

-Will the wedding reception venue charge corkage fee for these add-ons?

TIP: A buffet-style dinner will definitely take up more space, but a sit-down dinner will need more manpower to serve the dishes.

7. What kind of entertainment will you provide?

-Are you big on dancing and singing? What about your guests?

-Are some of your guests willing to perform for the party?

-Will you hire a live band to get your guests grooving?

-Will you play games that involve big groups of people in one area? If you want wedding games, you may get ideas here.

TIP: You don’t need a big entertainment area if you’re only having your first dance as a couple, the wedding cake slicing, as well as the speeches and toasts.

8. Is there space for other special executions you envision doing?

-Do you want to have a beautiful themed setup that can double as a photo area?

-Do you want your pre-nuptial photos to be printed and displayed at the receiving area, just before guests enter your venue?

-Are you hiring a photo booth machine?

-Will you need to set up a projector and screen to show the highlights of your wedding day through photos and videos?

TIP: All these little things will eat up the total dimension of your party area, so be sure to prioritize which ones you really want.

9. Can you get something extra from renting this venue?

-Is there a beautiful staircase, a stunning pool area, or other unique features in the venue that you can also make use of while you’re renting the place?

-Can you get your money’s worth by shooting pictures and videos not just within the reception area, but also outside?

-Will they throw in an additional discount, a free meal, or even overnight accommodations if you reach a certain amount?

TIP: Some hotels have amenities that cannot be used by couples who have booked their venue for their reception bash. Be sure to ask which facilities can be used without extra cost.

10. Are the facilities in tip-top shape?

-What is the parking area like? Is it covered and cemented? Can it accommodate all your guests?

-Is the reception area wheelchair accessible from the parking? What about from the venue to the toilets?

-Are the toilets well-stocked? Do they have tissue rolls and flowing water in both rooms?

-Is the food preparation area clean? Is there ample space for your caterer to prepare the food?

-Do the doors, windows, walls, and foundation of the place look new? Do you see wear and tear in the floors or are they polished nicely?

-Do the existing lights in the venue work properly? Will you need minimal lights to make the venue look good?

-Are the air-conditioners working efficiently or do they look worn out?

TIP: These are the more detailed things you need to look into if you’re set on booking a place. A lot can be said about the quality of a venue if they meet all these things. You may view the facilities of our accredited venues here.

11. How big is your wedding party?

-Do you already know how many people you want to invite to your wedding? Get tips here in how to create wedding guest list.

-Are you willing to pay more to accommodate everyone on your list?

-Have you talked to both your parents about your guest list?

-Will the venue be able to accommodate your headcount without additional charges? What is their maximum number?

TIP: You can invite about 10% more guests to your reception party since 20% of people invited don’t usually go the event.

12. What kind of service can the venue provide?

-Are you thinking of booking a venue that offers full service?

-Would you prefer just renting a space and taking care of finding suppliers? Get tips here on how to find the best wedding suppliers.

-Are you open to choosing from a selection of existing vendors for catering, table setup, lights, sounds, and more?

TIP: Most couples don’t have a clue about how to stage an event, so a full service option is the stress-free choice. In this case, you’ll only be limited to an approved set of options that the venue regularly works with.

13. What are your catering options?

-Will your caterer offer free food tasting in the package?

-Can you customize the food from the packages being offered? Will there be an extra fee for modifications made?

-Will the caterer take care of setting up table decorations, dining tables, and the buffet area?

-Will waiters and food attendants be available to serve your guests until the end of the event?

TIP: For a list of affordable wedding meal packages that Hizon’s Catering offers, click here.

14. When are you hoping to get married?

-Will your venue be appropriate for the date of your reception party?

-Have you seen the actual venue at the time you want to book it?

-How conducive is the venue to making people stay until the end of the celebration?

TIP: An outdoor wedding would not be ideal during the months of June to October. You may read this “6 Things You Should Know About Outdoor Weddings”. Also, take note that some venues look different with natural light streaming into the place versus colorful set lights.

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The Ultimate Guide in Choosing Your Wedding Venue – Types of Wedding Reception – Part 2 of 4

Are you and your intended still trying to decide where to hold your wedding celebration party? Hizon’s Catering breaks down the different types of reception venues you can choose from.

Your wedding preparations won’t feel complete until you’ve locked in your wedding reception—a place that will host all the merriment you’ll be having with your family and friends! If you’ve been contemplating about the exact location to host your celebration, consider the pros and cons of each option:

In the city or out of town?

In the City

-Since your ceremony and reception will be held in metro, this means you can invite as many people as you want. Chances are, more people will RSVP to say they’ll attend the event.

-However, this is a double-edged sword since some acquaintances who hear about your upcoming nuptials will expect to be invited. A few would feel hurt if you don’t include them on the guest list.

-More people means…

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