Sun Life: Going Beyond Lifetime

Everything was yellow! Sun Life celebrated its 125th year in the financial planning industry with a theme “Going beyond life times” occurred in the ample space of World Trade Center, Pasay City last Januay 10.

Hizon’s Catering was once again held responsible to serve their banquet tables. Serving 4,000 heads, Hizon’s Catering stretched their efforts in all aspects of service.  Setting up 12 two way buffet table to accommodate the large numbers of attendees.

Event Planning

Sun Life being one of the key accounts, has been a loyal clientele of Hizon’s Catering entrusting their large gatherings. A promise of delectable dishes and first hand service has been Hizon’s Catering commitment over the years, no matter how big the event is. Fueled by determination, our events planner carefully scrutinized every details to rest assured that their will be no problems.

affordable catering service

affordable catering service


The food serving time 10:0 a.m served as the standard time for everything to be all set. Hours before, cocktail tables and chairs are already on their staple spaces. Final briefing was also done on the final hour, assuring that every staff will be giving their most outstanding service.

affordable catering service

A coffee station was also set up to give valuable service to coffee drinkers present during the event. For the food, a choice approved by the higher ups was served, Seasonal Vegetables in Brown Sauce, Mixed Seafood with Salted Egg Sauce and Mango Salsa, Chicken Alexander and Slow Roasted Honey Glazed Pork. A few bites of sweets are also served such as brownies, and s’mores.

affordable catering service

Actual Event

The readiness and mobility was shown all throughout the event, staffs not being out numbered, 78 waiters were employed, stationed on their respective areas of service to accommodate the large number of attendees. Chefs are also on duty to check the condition of the food from time to time.

Food attendants are also on their staple buffet areas to readily accommodate clients on the line for food.

As a product of the shared efforts of every staff present during the Sun Life event, it was a success being able to served 4,000 heads, filling their appetites with equally delectable dishes served by an affordable catering service done by Hizon’s Catering.

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