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Save Money for Your Debut

Try this step-by-step guide to set aside money for your upcoming party!

1. Keep track of your regular spending.

Stash a handy notebook in your bag or save an Excel file on your mobile phone where you can list down all the things you spend money on. Do this as early as possible, even months before your actual party.

2. After one week, compute the total.

See where your money goes and study if these are acceptable amounts based on how much allowance you have.

3. Assess your list of expenses.

Check out which costs you can minimize for the following week such as food, transportation, entertainment, and/or school-related items.

4. If you really have unavoidable costs, find creative ways to get them.

Ask upperclassmen if they have the same books you’ll need for this semester’s Math or Biology class. If they do, maybe they can donate it to you or sell it at a lower price.

5. For entertainment costs, ditch going out and try staying in.

Invite the gang for a movie marathon instead of watching a new movie in the theater. You’ll need to spend for the ticket, popcorn, and drink for the latter option.

6. Bring packed lunch or snacks to school.

All that money you spend on food can easily turn into your debut hair and makeup fund. Say goodbye to unnecessary food purchases such as coffee from your favorite café, and instead, bring homemade coffee that would give you the same caffeine rush.

7. Sell your old or hardly used stuff.

Look around your room or house and see which items you could part with and potentially sell for a good price.

8. Use your talents to earn money.

If you’ve got some mad calligraphy or photo taking skills, why not offer these to your friends for a fee?

9. Have an agreement with your parents or older siblings to help you raise the money.

Strike up a deal that whatever you save, they’ll give the equivalent amount, too! That would make you more motivated to save every centavo you have.

10. Set aside your allowance as soon as you get it.

Force yourself to stay within budget by depositing a portion of your allowance once Mom or Dad hands it to you. That way, you won’t be tempted to use that money for a new lippie or book.

Remember all that saving and holding back is going to something bigger and better—an 18th birthday party! Once the celebration is done, you can go back to indulging and spending on yourself.

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