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How Safe is Your Kids Party?

“Safety” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when parents start planning their child’s party, but it should be something that must be considered. With so many different ways to celebrate your child’s birthday—from swimming parties to zoo-themed parties with actual animals—there are a lot of things that can happen if safety measures aren’t thought of prior to the party. Here are some things to consider.

What can pose as a danger to my guests’ safety?
  • You’ve heard of those unfortunate accidents that happen during swimming parties where an unsupervised child drowned, and no one—a caretaker or a lifeguard—saw the child and was able to prevent the accident from happening. Once you’ve come up with a theme for your child’s party, look at it through the eyes of a very vigilant parent to see if there are any safety hazards to look out for, from your venue to people on your guest list.
Will there be activities or materials in use that would need constant adult supervision?
  • If you’ll be throwing a pool party, make sure to have a lifeguard or two to watch all the kids closely all the time. If you’ll be having a cooking party, ask adults to take charge of sharp objects, open flame, and ingredients that might be choking hazards, like marshmallows, candies, or popcorn. Even something that looks completely harmless—like a bouncy castle—needs an adult to look after the kids, because it can get rowdy and rough, especially if there’s going to be a mix of kids in different ages.
Is the actual space secure?
  • Babies and kids are sure to be running around at any party, so make room for them to run freely in the venue. Keep them away from glass doors or windows that they might run into, and make sure that all fixtures are secure so the kids won’t crash into them and topple over them—or worse, be buried underneath them. Look into covering loose cords that might cause kids to trip over, too.
4. Is your venue in a safe neighborhood? 
  • If your guests will find it scary to leave their cars in fear of it being carnapped, or scared for their safety because of the neighborhood, rethink your venue’s location, both for your guests and your peace of mind.
Is there proper security?
  • There have been incidents of things getting lost during parties. Some outsiders take advantage of the chaos of a birthday party to go around, looking like a guest, and stealing things without anyone taking notice. While guests must always exercise proper vigilance wherever they may be, it’s always better to be strict with the guest list, especially when you’re holding your party in a public venue where others can easily go in and out.

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