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Romantic Honeymoon Getaways on a Budget

Honeymoons don’t need to be extravagant. The whole reason why you’ll be having a honeymoon is to spend your first few days as husband and wife together, and that can be done anywhere. Here are a few ideas on where to go without starting your marriage in debt.

Hotel staycation

Staycations are still popular because it’s easy to do, and you’ll be spending less than you would if you went out of town. If all you and your spouse want to do is to enjoy each other’s company and cuddle all day, a staycation (and maybe a massage from the in-house massage therapist!) will do the trick.


The summer capital of the Philippines is hard to beat when it comes to making anyone feel romantic. The cold air makes you snuggle and hug each other more, and a hot cup of chocolate by a fireplace makes you feel like you’re in another country. The City of Pines is ever thriving and adding new destinations and hotels, so you can be sure they’ll keep their prices competitive—meaning, you won’t have a problem finding a hotel and things to do that’s within your budget.


If the long drive to Baguio doesn’t suit you, Tagaytay is usually the next on the list when it comes to enjoying cooler breeze. The city has so many Bed and Breakfasts and quaint little boutique hotels, suited to make your stay as romantic and peaceful as possible. Don’t forget to eat in their specialty restaurants, too!


If you and your hubby want to experience the beach but without the throngs of people and parties like in Boracay, Bohol is the place for you. Laidback, calm, and with pristine beaches, Bohol is steadily becoming the destination for those who want to feel the sand in their toes, but without the hefty price tag that going to Boracay or Palawan brings.


If you’re more of a sightseeing couple, nothing beats a walk around Manila. It may not be as relaxing as say, going to the beach or being holed up in a hotel room, but if you know the right spots to go to (think the National Museum, Intramuros, food tripping in Binondo), your honeymoon will not just be friendly for your wallet, but it will be an experience that you’ll never forget. Add in a romantic stroll down Luneta, hand in hand, and catch the sunset in Manila Bay, just like what our ancestors used to do.

Hong Kong

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s cheaper to fly to Hong Kong than it is to fly to some parts of the Philippines. Heading over to Hong Kong is sometimes even faster to get to compared to traveling somewhere in Manila traffic too! Spend a few days in HK eating the local cuisine, shopping, or simply go just to sightsee and take in their rich culture and heritage.

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