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Pros and Cons of Having Your Wedding on a Holiday

Thinking of setting your big day on a holiday? Here are reasons why it may be a good idea, and why it might upset your guests.

A lot of your family and friends will be able to attend. Holidays mean that almost everyone you know won’t have work, which is usually the biggest reason why some aren’t able to make it to your wedding.

Your guest list will be shortened automatically. Only those closest to you will make it to your big day, because those who don’t think of you as that important won’t sacrifice their holiday to go to your wedding.

There’s less traffic in the holidays. Unless you’re having your wedding in a beach resort or other vacation spots, there’s virtually no traffic on the road, especially in the metro.

Dates on a holiday are usually still free. Most couples choose the date of the holiday as their last option—meaning, all their other preferred dates were already booked. That means, perhaps your preferred suppliers are still free, too!

You can get creative with your wedding theme. If you’re having your wedding during Christmas Eve or on Christmas day itself, you can ride on the holiday and perhaps go with a “White Christmas” theme, or include an impromptu secret Santa game for entertainment.

Your guests have already made plans. Most employees look forward to long weekends brought about by holidays, since it’s their time to unwind. These plans are sometimes made a whole year in advance! If you give your guests too short of a notice about your wedding day, you’ll likely get some annoyed guests.

Some suppliers might charge double to work during the holidays. Depending on some suppliers, especially those who employ a lot of manpower, might charge extra for working on a holiday.

✘ Some suppliers you want might not be available. Having your wedding during a busy holiday, like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s, will mean that the in-demand suppliers will prioritize their other bigger bookings.

✘ Accommodations might be fully booked. If you have relatives flying in or coming in from out of town, finding them a place to stay in will be difficult because of all the stay-cations or vacationers staying in accommodations near your wedding venue.

✘ Traveling and accommodations during a holiday are more expensive. For out of town relatives and friends, rates during holidays, especially around Christmas, is so much higher compared to their off-season rates.

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