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A Promise. A Kiss. A Sip of Wine–in Summertime!

Although we are still months away from the summer season, let’s admit it—the days can pass by in just a blink of an eye. If you are having a summer wedding, we guess that at this time, you should be preparing already for the big day.

The summer season is probably the best season to get married here in the Philippines. Despite the scorching heat, it’s more of a hassle getting married in the rainy season where you always have to worry about tons of things that could affect your wedding. But during summer, you can either have an indoor or outdoor wedding and reception (given that the heat is just right).

To help you preparing for your big day, we’ve come up with a list of our design themes that are perfect to match your summer wedding. Although summer is usually associated with the warm colors red, yellow, orange and etc., it’s also a good idea to go against the stream and give your wedding a cool atmosphere to combat the heat.



Celebrate the magic of love as this enchanting theme welcomes your new beginning as a couple. Enjoy your special day as you capture golden memories in every sparkling moment.


The sun is always up for those who are in love. Here’s to bring a splash of sunshine to brighten your special day in this sunny theme for your wedding.


Sweet, light, and fresh elements make this lively theme that will surely add more fun and daylight glow in your wedding.


Going for rustic elegance? This theme features woodcraft and garden elements to bring out that homey charm and style you want for your event.


Classic couple or family dates in a park never goes old. Celebrate your event with the sunny picnic theme ideal for outdoor celebrations.



Let your love and marriage bloom as beautiful as the cherry blossoms. Let it symbolize the joy and bliss of what’s to come. But unlike cherry blossoms, nurture your love and don’t let it die.


Let the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme make you feel calm and safe just like how Audrey Hepburn felt. With its serenity and being in the arms of the one you love, nothing bad could happen to you here.


A new journey unfolds in your story as a couple. To welcome a new beginning on your special day is this Atlantis theme for your wedding.


Maybe love really is a mystery like stars formed above. Fate or destiny as you may call it, it’s amazing how heavens move as you unite with the one you love.


Enjoy summer anytime of the year with this Summer Lovin’ theme. Clad with sea shells and other sea elements, you are sure to have that beach wedding you’ve always wanted.

Give your wedding that summer thrill romance with these design themes. Make your wedding the kind of summertime that you will never forget!

We have a lot more wedding design themes for you here. For more information and inquiry, you may contact us directly at (02)925-0107/(02)925-0103.

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  • The inspiration from title came from the quote, “It’s a smile. It’s a kiss. It’s a sip of wine. It’s summertime!” (Source Unknown)
  • Photos by Hizon’s Catering

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