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Prep Your Child for His Party

Learn how to effectively manage your child’s moods and expectations on the day of his birthday bash!

Arranging a children’s party is no easy feat. From coming up with a theme to sourcing suppliers to buying giveaways to ordering a unique cake, there are many factors you have to take note of. However, many parents forget about preparing the star of the day—the birthday celebrant! Make sure you prime your child’s attitude down to his actions so that you can reduce tantrums and have a truly fun celebration.

1. Make sure your child is well-rested.

It’s a fact: Many first-time parents are faced with cranky babies celebrating their first birthday party. So many factors can add to the stress that the baby feels—the noise, the lights, and more. But sometimes, it just boils down to the baby not getting his usual doses of naptime throughout the day. The solution? Try and schedule the bash at a time when your child is usually awake and not cranky. If you have no choice but to go with a particular schedule, try to get him some shut-eye before the party starts, and don’t force him to wake up before he’s ready. As a precaution, take photos of the celebrant with his birthday cake right before all the guests arrive. That way, you have a chance to take a few happy shots before he is bombarded with all the expected attention.

2. Feed your child a bit before his party.

In their excitement for the party, some parents forget to provide nourishment for their child, thinking he would be able to wait until the actual celebration. If you feel the official mealtime might start late, pack a healthy snack so he can munch on this when hunger strikes. You don’t want to witness a child becoming “hangry” (meaning hungry plus angry). It would also help to serve some of his favorite food, so he isn’t bombarded with unfamiliar grown-up dishes.

3. Let your child wear his birthday outfit beforehand.

Baby girls are usually the ones who suffer from this surprise predicament, being forced to wear ruffles, sequins, and headbands that make them uncomfortable. A week before the party, have a test run at home using the same complete ensemble you want your child to wear. That way, you can see if her shoes pinch her toes or the stitches make her uneasy and you can make the necessary adjustments before then. Also, make sure to wash the clothes a week before the party!

4. Acquaint your child with the party setup.

For younger children, this means hearing songs that would be played at the party and trying to make him more used to strangers saying hello or carrying him. This is not an easy thing to train for, but minimizing the extremes (noise levels, bright lights, cool temperature, etc.) of a venue might just help keep your kid relaxed.

5. Explain what will happen at his party.

Give your child a rundown of what to expect at his birthday party. You can give a detailed breakdown of all the events from start to finish. Afterward, present different situations and ask how he would react when these happen. Noteworthy situations to mention: 1) the proper way to greet elders, 2) what to say when you receive a gift, and 3) how to react when you don’t win the games.

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