Should You Have Your Party at Home, or at a Venue?

If it’s at your home…

There’s no travel time for you and your family. Being stuck in traffic is never a fun experience for anyone, especially during the holiday season. Holding the party at home will eliminate all of that.

There are instant attendees. If your child has friends in the neighborhood, or if you live near family, they’ll also appreciate not needing to travel a long distance just to get to your party. And, you’re sure that you’ll have guests in your party, too!

Your venue is free. Paying for an outside venue isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s usually one of, if not the biggest expense of your party. The best thing about having your party at home is that it comes free of charge!

It’s a more relaxed, friendly atmosphere. If you want your guests to feel at ease in your party, holding the fun right at your home will… well, make them feel right at home! They’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the party.

You’re in charge of the clean up. The biggest downside of having the party in your house is that you’ll be left of the clean up afterwards, from throwing out the decorations to cleaning the entire house to make it look like how it did before. Sure it will help if you have your own household help, but seeing the mess that will be left behind will make any homeowner feel nervous.

You’ve got to decorate the place yourself. Unless you’d like to splurge on an events stylist, or have a crafty friend who can help you out, decorating your home for a party might stress you out.

If it’s at a venue…

They can help you with all the details. Most venues have accredited suppliers, from caterers to event stylists, who can build your party from the ground up. All you’ll need to do is to be decisive and set the details ahead of time.

They have a parking area. Chances are, your home won’t have parking spots for your guests, and so they’ll have to find parking on their own on the street. With a venue, they’ll surely have a few slots for guests to use.

You’ll have to keep track of the time. The venue, among other charges like electricity or upgrading to nicer-looking chairs, will also charge per hour. Any extra hour will incur an extra charge, which isn’t the case if you’ll have the party at home.

It will cost you half of your party budget (or more.) When you pay for a venue, you’re not just paying for the space. You’re paying to use their staff, the electricity, the tables and chairs, sound system, air-conditioning system, and a lot more. It’s no wonder that it’s quite pricey, especially if you’re trying to cut down on party expenses.

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