Do You Need a PR Firm for Your Event?

Planning internal events for your company is much easier compared to mounting an event for the public. For one, an internal event only needs to be attended by those within the four walls of your office, and needs no buzz or public interest for it.

But if the event you’re planning needs to create public interest in a product, service, or on your company, bringing in the pros will have its perks. For one, you’ll have fewer things on your plate and you won’t need to worry about certain aspects of the event anymore. But these perks do come with a price tag, just like any supplier you would get for your event. Here’s what usually comes with the service:

A PR firm spreads the word about your event.

If your event is open to the public, this will help create more buzz and interest around it, and hopefully it will make the event more well attended than it would have been without your PR firm. The PR firm does this by getting it out in the media, either via placements in newspapers, websites, or blogs, or via social media.

A PR firm can help you get sponsors.

Getting sponsorships can be a taxing task, especially for those who aren’t inclined to doing sales talks. A PR firm can take care of it with ease, considering that they already have the existing contacts, or know how to go about finding out who to contact for any possible sponsorships.

A PR firm can handle your VIP list.

What’s better than being your event being packed and well attended? It’s when the event is well attended by those you wanted to be there. If your goal for the event is to spread the word about a new product or service, making sure that celebrities, influencers, and the media will be there to help spread the word about it. They’ll also handle your VIPs when they’re in event, making sure that they get the royal treatment.

A PR firm can create press releases.

Creating an effective and entertaining press release can be a struggle if writing isn’t your forte, even if you know the company, product, or service by heart. Pre- and post- press releases are important to either generate buzz prior to your event, or to expose your company to the public even when the event is over.

A PR firm can mount the entire event for you!

Some PR firms offer the full service of creating the event for you. By simply giving them the objective of the event, all you’ll need to do is to sit back and let them do all the legwork, from finding the right venue, to documentation and post-press releases.

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