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What Makes a Truly Rustic Wedding?

Elegant. Romantic. Rustic. It’s all about the great outdoors.

The Garden

As organic as it is, the garden itself became the wedding’s backdrop. Observe how the lush greeneries lovingly embrace all the other rustic elements. It effortlessly imbibes the right-to-the-garden feel.

The Tables

Bonsais and succulent plants make for the centerpieces. Not to mention, twine (jute strings) and kraft papers that are staples to rustic weddings. The couple’s chairs are truly unique with a string of alternately hand-sewn fresh and dried leaves. Indeed, it’s all in the details!

The Flowers

Bright flowers also make for a sophisticatedly cool rustic wedding. Pinks and purples look so beautiful together. Easy, economical and oh-so-charming! Nothing screams rustic than fresh flowers. Another rustic wedding staple? Burlap! Actually, burlap is the signature fabric of a rustic wedding.

The Decors

Look at this faded, hand-painted birdcage placed atop the rough-hewn log. And the humongous patio chair that adds a woodland charm to the entire place. Shots right through the hearts of the kids (and perhaps, the kids-at-heart). This is going au natural without too much fuss.

The Details

Candle lights inside uniquely glamorous candelabra cast a somewhat enchanted glow on the table and surrounding it. While the majority of the decors and details is outrightly country-esque, the silverware, glassware, and dinnerware complete the rustic glam theme.

The Dresses

Driftwood-like cocktail tables that come handy for a little chit-chat over a drink or two. Again, it persistently builds on the farm-to-table appeal (meaning: ultimately organic!) of the wedding. What a very practical idea! Spotted is another rustic wedding element – lace! Lace appliques on the bridesmaids and flower girls’ dresses, to be exact. And the floral garland headpiece? 100% rustic!

The Handmades

Twine-styled mason jars that are used as silverware holders! And, definitely, no rustic wedding is complete without handmade, easy-to-make decors. There is always something quaint about paper doilies tuck on distinct corners, making the little often overlooked details so much more on theme!

The Food

Oh, the fare! The same goes with the wine and cheese tables with drinks and bites served as non-traditional as ever. There’s even a variety on the sizes and shapes of wine placed above varying levels of blocks of intricately designed wood. The table screams F-E-S-T-I-V-E. One more thing. Wooden stumps are a rustic wedding icon.

The Cake

Look at the display of ultra feminine colors. Even the wooden stump cake stand is elegantly painted with the purplish shade, making the cake and cupcakes truly stand out. Rustic weddings really shine when splashed with a bit of womanliness.

No one knows for sure when the rustic weddings began exactly. What we know is each of the 21st century brides has its own take on a rustic-themed wedding. That’s the beauty of this trending style–it’s what you make of it. Nonetheless, the most popular take is the shabby chic; an upscale outdoor wedding with elements that evoke the old-world charm from rough-hewns to lace appliqués.

TJ Trinidad and Marga Valdes wed in January 2012 at the latter’s family-owned home in Tagaytay. In a Philippine Tatler interview, Marga shared, “I believe a wedding can be many things. For us, it was a celebration, a gathering of beloved friends and family coming together to share memories. We wanted a simple and intimate event, and that was exactly what we got. Thanks to my parents and my sister.”

If you are at a loss at how to approach your own rustic wedding, take a cue from TJ and Marga on how a rustic wedding should look like.

Images are used with the permission from Pat Dy Photography | Invite Weddings | architectureartdesigns

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