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Maid of Honor 101

The lowdown on being the bride’s maid of honor.

By definition, the maid of honor is an unmarried woman whose duty it is to attend to the bride, but in recent years, society has accepted having a matron of honor in the entourage. The maid of honor can be your sister, a childhood pal, or a colleague you’ve bonded with over recent years. She’s the person you can turn to at any time of the day, who will always give you her most honest opinions (especially when it comes to the question: Do I look good in my wedding dress?), and won’t roll her eyes when she sees you freaking out about the smallest things.

The role of the maid of honor is flexible and extensive, starting from the very moment you ask her to be such. She should be willing to help you out from start to end of your wedding.

Some of her responsibilities are:

-Organize your bachelorette party or bridal shower (or better yet, both!)

-Be your sounding board

-Make you laugh (essential during stressful times)

-Provide moral support

-Instruct other bridesmaids about what to do

-Go with you to your dress fittings

-Help you pick a cake, a motif, or whatever else you’re unsure of

-Do checks on your makeup and hair (especially before picture-taking sessions)

-Help arrange your veil and dress when you sit or stand

-Be on call if you need anything throughout the ceremony and reception

-Hand out your thank you gifts for the entourage

Pick her by listening to your heart. Don’t be pressured by other people’s sentiments about who should be your second in command.

For example: If you have a sister, does it automatically mean she should be your MOH? But what if you have more than one sister—who should it be? Also, what if your sister recently gave birth and won’t have time to help you out? Is it okay not to get her?

Be sure to answer questions like:

-Do you value her thoughts?

-Does her taste match yours?

-Can you rely on her for anything?

-Is she responsible enough to attend to you on your wedding day?

-Are you comfortable with her to the point that you can ask her for help in the toilet?

-Does she have a take charge attitude and can make decisions for you when needed?

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