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How to Throw a Kiddie Picnic Party

If you’d like a different kind of kiddie party; one that doesn’t involve renting out a hotel function room or costly entertainment, go the other way and go for simple and rustic. And what’s more rustic than going to nature for a picnic? Here are the elements to throwing a picnic party for your child that everyone will definitely enjoy.

Great timing. Most children’s parties start around lunchtime, but the sun while is very harsh (and hot!) during that time. Hold your party during the late afternoon, around 4 p.m., to avoid the harsh rays of the sun.

A green location. Heading outdoors can be a gamble, especially with our unpredictable weather, but the feeling of being in the great outdoors is always worth the gamble. Scout around for a nearby park or nature reserve—even just a big enough expanse of grass will be okay.

Blankets. Don’t burden your guests into bringing their own blankets for the party—getting grass and mud stains out of their sheets or blankets isn’t exactly what they’d think of as a good time. Purchase or go through your linen closet for blankets that you won’t mind getting soiled and used, and lay it out on the grass before the guests arrive so that they can choose their own spots.

Pillows. The thing about picnics is that it gives off the vibe that you’ve got the whole day to laze away, and providing small pillows to help your guests relax and lie down will get them into the spirit of thinking that they’ve got all the time in the world to spend in your party.

Finger food. Part of the fun of having a picnic is how casual and fuss-free it should be. Food that’s easy to eat with your hands is considered picnic food—think sandwiches, food on sticks, rolls. Talk to your caterer about providing merienda fare for your guests!

Chill music. Set the mood for the kiddie party by mixing in your kid’s favorite songs with some upbeat yet chill music, to keep everyone in high, happy spirits. Don’t rely on your smartphone’s loudspeaker to do a good enough job—bring along the biggest sound speakers that you have or can borrow, so that the whole party can bop to the music.

Outdoor toys. Think kites, pinwheels, bubbles, flying discs, baseball sets, or even just a simple soccer ball—toys meant for the outdoors will keep the antsy, active kids (and adults!) entertained. If you won’t mind, bust out the water guns—it will help keep everyone cool, too!

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