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How to Save Money On Your Wedding Budget

Saving a chunk of your wedding budget means you can start your days as a married couple with more money in your pocket (and not in debt!). Here are a couple of details on which you can go for the more affordable alternative, and the details that you have to spend on.

Don’t spend so much on:

Your entourage’s attire. If you have a big entourage, adding up all the money you’ll spend on their outfits will easily equal or cost more than what you’re spending on your wedding dress. Look into buying ready to wear gowns and suits instead of giving them custom made ones, and you’ll end up saving a lot.

Your entourage’s flower bouquets. When it comes to your entourage marching down the aisle, the flower bouquets they hold are essentially just to keep their hands busy, not awkwardly hanging by the side. Go as simple as possible with their floral arrangements by keeping it into your color theme, and splurge on your bouquet instead.

Bridal car. Let’s face it—a bridal car’s main purpose is to get you to the venues, and to be a prop in your photos and videos. Renting out a vintage car can set your budget back a minimum of P10,000. A basic, classic, white car will do, and you can even choose to not include it in any of the photos or videos, anyway!

Tokens. Think about it: When was the last time you kept a wedding favor? Unless it was something you find useful, it usually gathers dust somewhere in your home, or you eventually throw it away. Find a wedding favor that your guests can use or eat, and skip anything that you would need to personalize with engraving or stitching—save that handiwork for the tokens to your wedding entourage.

Stationery. Anything made out of paper—invitations, programs, menu cards, name cards—will be thrown out afterwards, so there’s no need to spend on getting the best type of paper and getting a special order of colored paper for these.

Spend on:

Venues. If you’ve had your heart set on specific places all your life—a beach, a garden, a specific place of worship—then by all means, go for it. Take into consideration your guests’ comfort, too. Splurge on bringing in fans or turning on the air-conditioner to keep your guests cool and relaxed throughout your ceremony and reception.

Your wedding dress. Not only is everyone waiting to see you in your wedding dress, you’d want to look at your most beautiful and radiant during this once in a lifetime day. It doesn’t mean that you go out and blow off your whole budget on the most expensive dress or gown designer you can find. Look through and try on as many wedding dresses as possible, and the right one will be the one that makes you feel and look at your most beautiful, no matter what the price tag says.

Food. Guests remember two things when it comes to weddings—what the bride wore, and if the food was good or not. Don’t settle for a so-so dish just because it’s cheaper; you’ll definitely taste the difference, and your guests will, too. Go for the food that you would want to get seconds (or third helpings!)

Photographer and videographer. Capturing moments that you’ll always look back to throughout your whole wedding life cannot be entrusted to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Seasoned wedding photographers have mastered the art of catching all the special moments that you’d want to immortalize. If you’re short on your budget, go for just the on the day coverage—it’s the most important part of the whole wedding, anyway.

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