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How to Pull-off a Flowerless Wedding?

Flowers are deeply associated with wedding as they add a different kind of beauty and vibe. Bouquet and floral arrangements are indeed have been mainstays for decades and as time passes by event styling also evolved.

But when the pandemic started weddings are a bit different, limited guests, more simple designs and concepts and a budget-friendly approach when it comes to planning the whole thing.

Here are 5 friendly tips on how you can lower down your wedding cost and pull-off a flowerless wedding without making your wedding reception and event itself lonely and plain:

1. Embrace greenery

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Having a flowerless wedding doesn’t mean  setting a less romantic mood on your event itself instead they create a warm and romantic atmosphere. This kind of decorations  actually add a natural beauty on empty spaces on a lower cost.

2. Add wooden accents

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Best combinations for a rustic wedding include wood and green elements. These combination set a relaxing mood and ambiance especially for couples  pulling off an intimate wedding and whose very particular on their budget.

3. Pick an outdoor venue

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Flowers are really not the main decorations needed if you pick an outdoor venue, the natural elements present on your surroundings are more than enough to display beauty on your wedding day.

4. Have a leafy bouquet

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A lush bouquet made up of foliage and leaves would definitely look romantic. Be creative with the combination of textures and shapes, and with this idea, despite having a single color you can still make your wedding bouquet stand out.

5. Hire a good stylist

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Choosing a flowerless wedding will require great creativity. It will also be a good idea to have pegs for the style you’re eyeing. Asking for help from those who have expertise in that skills make a big difference.

There’s no need to fill your big day with flowers, because with less flowers there can be more powers. All you need to do is make creativity and hard work, work hand-in-hand.


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