Holiday Potluck Must Haves

The holiday season is already fast and approaching, have you secured your table with good food to share? Let us define this year’s Yuletide celebration with scrumptious dishes before we kick-off another year.

Sharing with you our top of the line dishes you can bring to the table for the upcoming holidays.

1. Porchetta

To start off is a savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork, this dish is a perfect centerpiece to share this holiday season since it can be served into thick flavorful slices. This dish is also characterized by the crackling skin that makes it crispy on the outside.

Wine Pairing Tip: Porchetta is best paired with a light-skinned wine grape, where the sweetness brought by the pork goes along with the low tannin, and the kick of acidity also present in the wine.


2. California Roast Chicken

An ideal dish to serve for gatherings, California Roast Chicken is tender and juicy. It perfectly complements light veggies plus it is given an additional flavor with the sauce.

3. Pollo Iberico

Chicken is a staple part of a typical Filipino feast whether big or small. Chicken appears to be one of the most versatile meats that can be prepared in various ways. Pollo Iberico is freshly dressed and stuffed with rich spices, which makes the dish an empowering highlight of special occasions.

4. Baked Fish Florentine

Fish Florentine served on a creamy bed of spinach gives distinct flavors, it shows off the balance in a plate that is usually loaded with fried and easy to prepare dishes which are ideal for a celebration.

5. Salmon Teppanyaki

Another recipe to impose a balance celebration buffet is Salmon Teppanyaki. It is a flavorful and mouthwatering dish that is best paired with rice. The sauce gives a better tone to the delicate taste of the salmon.

salmon teppanyaki

6. Lumpiang Shanghai

You’ll surely make the right choice with this, a typical yet special and one of the most renowned dishes in Filipino feast, Lumpiang Shanghai. It is very versatile wherein you can enjoy it as finger food or serve it rice.

lumpiang shanghai

7. Graze Box

Best served as a mealtime teaser, these cold cuts give a satisfying taste plus it prevents a rumbling stomach before the actual mealtime begins wherein the main courses are served.

8. Farm’s Harvest Vegetable

Make your table fresh and welcoming for all ages. Serve it light and right with our Farm’s Harvest Vegetable, make a portion of your plate fresh and healthy with this dish.

9. Ube Macapuno Flan

To wrap up your celebration bring home something delightful and colorful. Our Ube Macapuno Flan is filled with sweet layers of milky and sugary goodness.

10. Rocky Road Brownies

Give in to another box of goodness with our Rocky Road Brownies. This is the sweet treat that everybody will surely love and go for another round, it is incredibly enticing and satisfying at the same time.

Make sure to fill your table with dishes that are remarkable and palatable this coming holiday season.

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