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Your Guide For Your Buffet Style Food Trip

They say that one of the best ways to ease the tension and release all our stress is thru eating. Not just simply eating, but eating a lot! Perhaps that is one of the reasons why most of us take advantage of the buffet catering or in any events where there is free food catering. Of course, who doesn’t love free food?

But enough with the free and if you are simply craving for a huge volume of food, you’ve come to the right post because we will give you a tremendous list of buffet style food trip:


Known for its varied food cuisines

Vikings has been top of the go-to buffet diners in the Metro. Every celebrations and milestone have been probably celebrated here already. Given that they have 11 accessible and big buffet areas or branches, it is really impossible for one not to go here if they can.

Try their famous pasta, beef dishes, baked oysters, and desserts. They will definitely leave you wanting for more. Vikings usually give discounts and promotions for birthday celebrants and other momentous events like graduation.


Niu by Vikings

Know for its wide range of cuisines – Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese, French and Italian

Similar to Vikings, Niu gives nothing but the best for your cravings. Niu holds nine different stations where you can get all the food that you want to try. You will surely feast on their wide variety of food, as their place is very cozy and suitable for your feasting.


DADS World Buffet

Known for its varied food cuisines

Actually, DADS Wolrd Buffet includes Saisaki & Kamayan Buffet in its different branches. So what does that mean? Yes, more and more food for your tummy. Similar to most buffet restaurants, DADS is generous to its promos and discounts. Better check it for yourself and enjoy different food choices.


Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot by Vikings

Known for its unlimited hotpot

As what is shown in their website, Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot is a fresh and healthy choice. Enjoy meticulously picked ingredients by the outstanding chefs of the restaurant to take your hotpot dining experience to the next level. You can customize or decide what you want to put in your meal.

Have your hotpot like you’ve never had it before! Mix and match the flavor and aroma and immerse with the great experience this restaurant promises you.


Mega Buffet & Shabu-Shabu Osake Japanese Restaurant

Known for its Korean and Japanese cuisine

This restaurant is perfect for meat lovers as they offer unlimited meat and excellent ambiance for an affordable price. Aside from offering mega meat buffet (pork and beef), they are also serving unlimited shabu-shabu! Yes, perfect for your hungry tummy!

What makes this food hub stand out from other Korean buffet restaurant is that they also give bottomless side dishes to complement your meat meals.


Finio Restaurant

Known for its Asian and Filipino cuisine

Finio Restaurant may not be as big as the other mentioned buffet places, but if you want to feast on scrumptious Asian and Filipino delicacies, drinks, and meals, you have come to the right place. This cozy 70-seater buffet restaurant usually gets families, professionals, barkadas and of course, balikbayans as their costumers.

Missing Filipino food? Make your way to Finio Restaurant and don’t forget to try their crispy pata and Mongolian cuisine.


Market Café

Known for its varied food cuisines

Located in Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila, another luxury buffet restaurant is Market Café. Delight yourself in different cuisines, from Asian to Western, grills and seafood, anything you want. There is a so-called island of fresh seafood boasting oysters, mussels, and shrimps. You can have them cooked in whatever way you want.

There is a charcoal grill in the Western station for your beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and fish. There are also bread and cheese, and much more. Market Café is definitely a must go-to!


Love Desserts

Known for its yummy desserts

To give you a different experience, Love Desserts is the first dessert buffet in the town as it was established on 2011. Time to activate your sweet tooth and pair them with unlimited drinks as well! So yes, cakes plus milk tea or ice-blended coffee are coming to your way.

Aside from the usual sweets, Love Desserts also serve snacks such as lugaw, and singkamas with bagoong. You got to try their mille crepe cake, cheesecake, red velvet cake, peach Bavarian cream, cream puffs, vanilla panna cotta with mangoes and blueberries.


GPoint Smorgasbord and Bar

Known for its varied food cuisines

GPoint Smorgasbord and Bar serves 13 cold dishes and 18 hot dishes of different cuisines like American, British, Korean, Arab, Japanese, and Scandinavian. Unlike the usual buffet restaurants that all you can do there is just eat, you can take a break from playing pool for free.

If you are going to visit this restaurant, you need to taste their roast pork, meat loaf and bacon, fish kimchi, imported sausages, buttered shrimp, and fried chicken.


Café Sweet Inspirations

Known for its delicious breakfast

At first glance, you won’t think that they serve buffet meals, but Café Sweet Inspirations offers excellent breakfast buffet! If you will be heading to Katipunan, you better try their champorado, Arroz Caldo, bibingka, puto bumbong, beef tapa, crispy dilis and chicken pork adobo.



Known for its Korean cuisine

Samgyupsalamat is a Korean BBQ restaurant that offers an unlimited buffet. You can choose from having all pork or all pork and beef unlimited grill. Enjoy samgyupsal and other cooked meat in their different branches around the Metro.

Their fresh meats are ready for grilling and perfectly paired with good old kimchi. Their bean soup is also definitely one for the books!


Somethin’ Fishy

Known for its Mediterranean cuisine

Somethin’ Fishy opened on 2003, and at first, they were mainly serving fresh seafood dishes. Taking advantage the busy place of Eastwood, they decided to offer midnight and morning buffet which starts at midnight until 10 in the morning, and other time slots.

Few of the top picks in their buffet are baked ham, U.S. beef tapa, boneless daing na bangus, baked macaroni, pancake, waffles, and pork spareribs.



Known for its Chinese cuisine

Similar to the restaurant mentioned above, Tramway also started serving a la cart, and when the buffet style hyped, they also went on the ride. If you are looking for affordable and authentic Cantonese dishes, Tramway is your go-to restaurant.

You got to try their steamed fish, mapo tofu, fried wanton, radish cake, ham soy Kok, and sweet and sour pork.



Known for its Kapampangan-themed dishes

If you are going to ask your parents, they surely know Cabalen as a well-known Filipino buffet in the Philippines. They opened their first restaurant after the EDSA revolution, and now they have ten branches.

So what do you need to try in Cabalen? Their famous kare-kare and sisig!


Gillian Gail Dessert Buffet

Known for its yummy desserts

If you are craving for desserts and snacks, Gillian Gail Desserts got it for you! They serve unlimited desserts along with drinks. Some of their must-tries are fried palitaw, Crème brulee, French macarons, siomai, and siopao.



Known for its Filipino cuisine

BigPlate serves daily fiesta lunch buffet from 11 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. Enjoy their well-known crispy kare-kare, lechon kawali, crispy pata, slow-cooked beef and fried chicken. They aim to have traditional Filipino dishes using top ingredients and different cooking methods.


Kowloon House

Known for its Chinese cuisine

Kowloon House started in 1964 as a small dim sum eatery in a garage. But after a few years, they have expanded their restaurant and operating 24 hours. If you want unlimited Chinese dishes, Kowloon House is your place!

You must try their pork siomai and jumbo pao, a mix of asado or bola-bola or sausage pao.


Chef Laudico Guevarra’s

Known for its varied food cuisines

The food place is a 1920’s heritage house that is perfect for your celebrations. Taste nothing but the best as Guevarra’s features the masterpieces of Chef Roland and Chef Jacqueline Laudico. They serve daily lunch and dinner buffet for an affordable price.

Enjoy different cuisines in this cozy and homey restaurant.


YumBoss Putok Batok

Known for its Filipino “putok batok” dishes

YumBoss Putok Batok aims to step up in the usual unlimited rice promo of other restaurants by serving bottomless drinks and viands. But here’s the catch, the dishes are all “putok batok”! Enjoy unlimited sisig, bulalo, crabs, crispy pata, and shrimps for a good price. They also serve silog meals and Pinoy pasta.


We sincerely hope you get a good idea of where you can go and what to eat if you suddenly feel like grabbing a buffet style meal. But do not forget to take things in moderation. Of course, you come to the restaurant to enjoy their unlimited or bottomless meals and drinks, but you should know when to stop.

So there you have it! If you think there are other great restaurants and food hubs we can visit that offer unlimited dishes, let us know and try them all together.



photo credits to their rightful owners

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