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Get to Know Which Wedding Venue Type Is Ideal for You

When you think of your wedding day, you have a vision of how you want it to look like. You want your wedding to take you to a place where it can give you that magical feeling of happiness and bliss.
When you imagine of a place for your wedding, you’re exactly thinking of—the wedding venue. The wedding venue sets the physical image and mood of the wedding. It has a lot to do with the over-all picture of the wedding— the ambiance, architectural designs, lights, table set-up and seat arrangements.

Aside from the accessibility and accommodation of the wedding venue, there are other things you need to know about them before finally deciding which one to choose. Choosing the perfect one, which will suit your needs and the way you want your wedding to look like, is quite challenging.

So before deciding as to where you are taking your special day, let’s get to know them first and identify which one is ideal for you!

1. Open Garden—Ideal venue during dry season, for nature-loving guests and mostly used for christian weddings.

Advantages:  Open air with a luscious greenery atmosphere. It gives a serene and intimate ambiance. It has a beautiful landscape view or an overlooking view of nature.

Disadvantages: Sudden change of weather; Prone to mosquito and other insects; back-up tent from the client needed.

e.g- The Garden at Light of Love Events Place

2. Air-Conditioned Hall— Ideal venue on days with unpredictable weather or during wet season.

Advantages: Well-ventilated; comfortable to guests; safe and free from weather change.

Disadvantages: Expensive due to extra utility cost.

e.g.- The Pergola 

3. Open Hall— Ideal venue for big weddings.

Advantages: It gives a larger view of the whole set-up. It can accommodate big capacity of guests.

Disadvantages: Unpredictable ventilation; Spatter of rain.

e.g.- Champagne Hall at Gazebo Royale

4. Resort Or Beach – Ideal wedding venue for couples who love adventures and who are frequent travelers.

Advantages: Open air with breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset.  It has one-of-a-kind atmosphere with pleasing amenities such as pool, seascape and landscape view.

Disadvantages:  Less formal. It requires travel period for guests and suppliers. It takes excessive effort for the venue set-up especially for lights if the wedding is at night.

e.g.- Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

5. Tent Type- Ideal wedding venue for big weddings.

AdvantagesVenue rental is cheaper. It can accommodate big capacity of guests.

Disadvantages:  Styling is costly. Mostly, it has no built-in designs so it needs draping and more lights to compensate the over-all look. It is prone to breaking during stormy weather, and it makes too much noise when it rains. Some tents are not well-ventilated and have no air-con. Usually, tent-type has no impressive flooring.

e.g.-  R20 Events Place

6. Hotel- Ideal for couple who has less time to prepare, on-rush and wants a less-hassle arrangements.

 Advantages: You just have to pay for a fixed price per guest, with an all-in inclusion of the venue, food and facilities. You can expect high quality of service with their well-trained staff, first-class facilities and built-in accommodation.

Disadvantages:  It is pricey. They might have limited food choices,  equipment and  customization of venue set-up. Outside supplier is mostly prohibited or would need extra  fee.

e.g- BSA Twin Towers

7. Restaurant- Ideal for small weddings and mostly used for civil weddings.

Advantages: Cheaper expenses; well-experienced staff.

Disadvantages:  Limited food choices and packages, and venue set-up; fewer parking space; restricted space and small accommodation.

8. Clubhouse- Ideal for budgeted and private weddings.

Advantages: Cheapest venue among them all, you can rent it for as low as 2,500 per hour rate; Private; Accessible.

Disadvantages: Clubhouses are mostly permissible to their members only or to a person who has acquaintances inside the village. Usually, it only has a small bar area with no pantry and kitchen. It perceives an ordinary environment since the place is too familiar. It has fewer parking spaces too.

e.g.-North Forbes Pavilion

There are several types of wedding venues, and each type can give a different atmosphere and effect to your wedding. In general, indoor wedding venues can be expensive due to extra utility cost. On the other hand, outdoor venues are easier to maintain but can be expensive when it comes to giving you a beautiful scenery. There are also wedding venues where you can have your wedding reception and ceremony at the same time.

It would be best to know and be prepared to what a wedding venue can give you including its risks and limitations too. You have to make sure that your chosen wedding venue is able to present you the over-all look, image, and mood you want for your wedding.

Your wedding venue should take you to your dream wedding, so make sure to get to know them first, then find out which wedding venue type is ideal for you.

Co- authors:  Gierly Uy, Sales Supervisor at Hizon’s Restaurant & Catering Services Inc.| Jorina Baniaga, Sales Supervisor at Hizon’s Restaurant & Catering Services Inc.

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