Food Packs or Catered Services?

Making sure that your guests eat well is one of the most important things that an event organizer must execute. Whether you choose to get food packs or a catered buffet will depend on the type of event you’ll be having, the number of guests, and your event venue. Here are the pros and cons:

Food Packs

It’s cheaper than a caterer. Usually, most caterers offer “party packs”, wherein they serve take away trays of their usual fare that’s good for 10 to 30 people. What makes it cheaper compared to getting a buffet service is that you’re paying for the bare minimum of the caterer’s service, which is the food. It excludes everything else, like the wait staff, catering equipment, perhaps even the tables and chairs that come with the catering service.

It’s handy to bring anywhere you go. For events held in hard to reach areas, say a team building in a secluded beach, bringing a caterer along might be tricky. Even finding a restaurant nearby will be a hassle! Bringing packed meals will be your best and most efficient bet.

Distribution can be easier. For some caterers or food providers, they can do packed lunches made for per person, to take out the hassle of bringing extra plates and utensils, and having your guests help themselves to the big party packs. It also ensures that no one will go hungry too, since people have a reserved lunch waiting for them.

Catered buffet service

Buffet food trays in a line.

You get the complete deal. When you get a professional caterer, you get more than just delicious food. You get their wait staff, their equipment, their quick and efficient set-ups, and much, much more. For event planners, catering services who handle the bulk of the event are worth every peso that you pay them.

It makes the event feel more formal. While going buffet-style might be more casual compared to a sit down dinner that’s served by wait staff, a buffet gives off a more professional feel to your event that compared to giving out food packs to attendees.

There’s an allotted number for extra heads. The trouble with pre-packed food packs is when you’re not able to allot a few more packs as a buffer just in case you get more attendees. For caterers, a standard buffer of around 10 to 20 people is allotted for such scenarios, making sure that everyone is not just fed, but goes home feeling happy, satisfied, and full!

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